September 26, 2010 19:00 ET

Swinton Warns About Dangers of Monsoon Motoring

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Sept. 26, 2010) - Swinton Car Insurance is warning drivers not to become complacent in unpredictable autumn weather conditions, as it emerges that motorists across Britain are still driving with a summer mentality.

A survey completed by Swinton car Insurance, of 1200 customers, revealed that 77% of motorists believe that they are at higher risks of crashing, as monsoon-type rain cause's localised flooding and poor visibility.

The study also revealed that despite the increasing frequency of freak weather, 42% of those surveyed didn't know how to adapt to the unpredictable conditions, and continued to drive at the same speed they would in summer. In addition 63% of drivers admitted that they have actually had near misses, nearly causing accidents, due to the extreme weather.

Swinton is warning that driving with a summer mentality in monsoon weather, can lead to motorists driving too quickly and responding too slowly, which coupled with a sudden loss of visibility and rapid build-up of road water, can culminate in an increase in accidents and a flood of insurance claims.

Swinton has produced a "Monsoon Motoring Mantra", which it is advising drivers to adhere to:

  • Switch on headlights
  • Check wipers are effective front and back
  • Slow down, using a lower gear if appropriate
  • Keep wing mirrors clean so that rain water drips clear
  • Ensure inside windscreens are grease-free and so they don't steam up
  • Make sure tyres are regularly checked for tread and pressure
  • Stop vehicle in very poor visibility and apply hazard lights

Steve Chelton, Insurance Manager at Swinton Insurance said, "Monsoon rain conditions are becoming more and more common in the UK and can occur with frightening immediacy. The problem is that British drivers aren't used to driving in quickly changing conditions. Drivers must take more care when driving in these conditions, and follow the mantra. This will reduce the risk of accidents and keep premiums low."

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