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August 21, 2013 11:00 ET

Swipp Reinvents Surveys for the Social Web

Connects the Entire Planet With Swipp Surveys

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 21, 2013) - Today, Swipp announced Swipp Surveys, a tool designed to help you unlock knowledge, answers, and insights from the people who matter to you. The first survey tool optimized for mobile, Swipp Surveys is built on the Swipp Platform -- a real-time social intelligence platform that connects you with the entire world. When you enter your survey topics, they are added to Swipp's global database, allowing you to gather sentiment from anywhere on the planet.

Swipp created the tool after recognizing that existing survey tools are ho-hum at best. "Let's face it: most surveys are ineffective," says Swipp co-founder and CSO, Charlie Costantini. "They take too long to set up, and people ignore them. They aren't connected to a meaningful social database, which limits their usefulness. We want to change that."

Swipp Surveys lets you reach your audience wherever they are. Write your survey once and deploy it anywhere -- via the web, Facebook, Twitter, text message, email, and more. See results over time, and watch how geography affects how people think and feel.

Swipp Surveys are all-around simple: easy to make, and easy to take. In a matter of minutes, anyone can create a great-looking survey and start learning what fans, readers, or customers really think. Swipp Surveys uses Swipp's signature slider, and each question can be rated on a scale from -5 to +5. Results are displayed in an easy-to-read infographic. Swipp Surveys is currently free -- a paid professional version will be available in the fall.

Test reactions to multiple topics
Swipp Surveys allows you to gather information on multiple topics or options at once. Use it to track sentiment on customer service, gather feedback on new product ideas, or ask readers how they feel about content.

Get unbiased data
Swipp Surveys keeps scores anonymous, while still providing valuable information. When someone takes the survey, you'll see results mapped over time and sorted by geographic location -- so you can see how sentiment varies around your project, product, or idea.

"Don't be fooled by how simple it is -- Swipp Surveys is a rich source of insight about your audience," says Swipp CEO Don Thorson. "For the first time in history, we're living in a pervasively connected world. Swipp lets you take advantage of that."

Why use Swipp Surveys?

 - Engage your community on any site or social channel
 - Collect market research quickly and cost-effectively
 - Gauge customer satisfaction to your experiences or products
 - Gather the data you need to make better decisions

Built on the Swipp Platform
Swipp Surveys is another in a series of solutions built on the Swipp Social Intelligence Platform. Last week, Swipp introduced Swipp Polls for Facebook, a way to move beyond the "Like" button. Other solutions include Email Insights and a WordPress plugin. All Swipp solutions are built on the Swipp API, allowing quick product development and deployment. Swipp's topic-based data infrastructure gathers data from all Swipp instances, creating the first ever global view of what the world thinks about every topic imaginable.

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Swipp is a social intelligence platform that allows businesses to add smart social solutions to their core marketing activities. Swipp's products and solutions integrate quickly into every customer touchpoint, providing real-time social insight that drives better decision-making. Swipp brings you closer to your community, helping you build more loyal, active, and engaged customers.

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