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December 02, 2014 11:00 ET

Swisscom Elevates Customer Engagement With SAS® Analysis of Social Media Using Text Analytics

Eliminating Language Barriers Results in Quick and Accurate Customer Service, Targeted Marketing

CARY, NC--(Marketwired - December 02, 2014) - Swisscom is turning to analyzing social channels with SAS® to boost customer communication and engagement. Using text analytics, Switzerland's leading telecommunications company can now identify and address customer posts, trending topics and interesting discussions on social channels. And they quickly address customer call center inquiries with the same underlying technology.

Companies operating in Switzerland face a business landscape with four national languages and various dialects. It's no small challenge for businesses trying to deliver first-rate customer service and interpret customer feedback across multiple communication channels. Swisscom's new solutions from SAS help overcome these obstacles, starting with the German language and Swiss-German dialect.

Swisscom's social media initiative began as a pilot project. The company identified user requirements, defined search terms and relevant keywords, and tailored the dashboard to their specific needs. Almost immediately, the corporate communication and public relations departments of Swisscom began to see the impact. These departments can evaluate customer trends and feedback more easily through new social analytics dashboards, and they can interact with Swisscom's customers more efficiently via digital channels. This increased customer insight means better and more accurately targeted marketing.

Additionally, Swisscom processes approximately 10,000 service requests daily through its call center. With text analytics, keywords and phrases from a customer inquiry -- whether it's about picture quality or a remote control -- are quickly extracted and severity automatically determined. By automating the process, solutions are surfaced quickly, regardless of the caller's language or dialect. And because the previously manual process of logging and categorizing calls has been eliminated, service representatives can provide answers in real or near-real time. Customer satisfaction shoots up when questions or complaints are addressed quickly and accurately. 

"The ability of SAS to quickly filter important topics from the mass of digital information convinced us of its value right from the start," said Frank Neidhöfer, Head of Marketing Analytics at Swisscom. "Since Swisscom's analytical infrastructure was already based on SAS, we were able to quickly build onto it and create a successful outcome with this project."

"Nowadays every business must concern itself with big data. The telecommunications and media sector is facing an especially huge volume of diverse data that must be evaluated," said Patric Märki, PhD, Managing Director of SAS Switzerland. "We are delighted to lead a prestigious Swiss company like Swisscom into the new era of customer communication and to give it immense business advantages with SAS solutions."

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