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July 18, 2005 16:00 ET

SWMS Evaluates Production Highlights for Needle Device

TAMPA, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 18, 2005 -- Southwestern Medical Solutions, Inc. (OTC: SWNM) is pleased to announce that it has begun extensive planning of the project phases to advance its exclusive, patented Protect-A-Pal™ safe injection needle system to commercialization.

Preliminary Studies of Protect-A-Pal™ Underway

SWNM had begun the preliminary studies for its Protect-A-Pal™ using double blind study technique to determine caregiver choice among all available types of safe needle systems. So far, the prototype units of the Protect-A-Pal™ have been chosen, hands down, in all cases. Currently focused on the pending launch of its proprietary Labguard™, SWNM is also developing a timeline required to bring the much-needed Protect-A-Pal™ to market. Many of the national and international medical distribution companies that have expressed an interest in handling the Labguard™ product line have also expressed enthusiastic interest in the Protect-A-Pal™ safe needle system.

What makes the SWNM Protect-A-Pal™ Safe Needle Unique and Superior?

The OSHA and federal requirements for safer needle systems poses the obvious necessity to provide caregivers with the most effective and safest needle available. Most systems work off of hidden springs, which give them a mechanical feel and can cause great discomfort to the patient. Other systems provide a large tube that the caregiver must push into place to cover the tip of the needle. Still others act as a flange that flips over the tip of the needle to cover it. SWNM's Protect-A-Pal™ is unique in that it does not change the nurses protocol, does not effect the feel of the injection or cause discomfort to the patient and, best of all, will fit onto any existing needle system at a price much reduced from the other currently marketed approaches. Given that safety for both patient and healthcare worker is paramount in providing an injection system that will minimize or eliminate the current high incidence of accidental needle sticks, or "sharps injuries," it is not surprising that doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers involved in the preliminary studies are unanimously enthusiastic regarding the ease-of-use and high safety characteristics of the Company's Protect-A-Pal™ device. Millions of needle devices are used daily in the United States.

A Strong Market Reception Anticipated For Labguard™

The Company's Labguard™ system represents a new generation of diagnostic testing that greatly enhances the accuracy of the tests performed and the safety of the administrators, while reducing the ability of any tampering of specimens. SWNM is poised to bring this product to market through its many distributor alliances including international markets and OEM licensing of the product to two of the largest laboratory distributors in the U.S. Following the Labguard™ product launch and sales milestone, the Company will aggressively pursue commercialization of its second exciting and promising product: the proprietary Protect-A-Pal™ safety needle device.

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