June 20, 2012 10:00 ET

Swoop Lets Leading Food Brands Sponsor Content Within Its Recipe Publisher Network

Invitation-Driven Engagement Model Allows Food Brands to Achieve 20X Higher Click-Through Rate With Their Brand Content Than Display Ads

CAMBRIDGE, MA--(Marketwire - Jun 20, 2012) - Swoop, a service that seamlessly integrates relevant information about products and services into web content, today announced a new service that enables brands to extend their content marketing initiatives within Swoop's publisher network. Utilizing this service, brands such as General Mills and Smart Balance, are able to present consumers who engage with this content, relevant information they would normally seek in a secondary search.

"Using Swoop we can create valuable content for the Smart Balance brand that is both relevant and appealing to the consumer as they browse a site," said John Becker, SVP and general manager, Smart Balance brand. "It is not just another ad. That is the exact type of relationship Smart Balance wants to promote."

For example, a consumer who is reading a recipe for corn muffins will notice a healthy heart icon next to the word butter. If engaged with, the icon will display information about Smart Balance's Butter and Canola Oil Blend without leaving the site. Through a granular level understanding of website content and consumer intent, Swoop is able to provide brands the ability to create meaningful engagement by inviting the consumer in for a relevant and timely discussion.

Swoop's service works a level deeper than search in that it is focused on the intent of consumers and the content of sites. Brands that sponsor content within Swoop's network are privy to search results that are as refined as Google's search engine, and achieve a click-through rate which is twenty times higher than that of display ads. Swoop works with leading food publishers including,, and a number of food blogs, such as and

"Swoop gives us a tool to reach consumers low in the purchase funnel when they have declared intent to cook a meal. Much like search, but at a deeper level of context and intent," said Matt Doherty, FRWD Director of Mobile and Shopper Marketing, who works with clients including General Mills, Colgate, 3M, Deluxe, Activision and more.

"Our service is unique in that it monetizes the actual content on a site. Display advertising is a way to monetize page views, but the real value to a site is the actual content. Swoop enhances and monetizes that content by anticipating that consumers need and present brands the opportunity to invite consumers in and provide them with relevant content," said Scott Rines EVP and General Manager CPG of Swoop. "By using Swoop, General Mills and Smart Balance are able to achieve 100% share of voice with consumers, and extend their content marketing efforts."

The company launched its Local Offers service in February 2012, which presents hyper-local content that matches a consumer's interest, or intent, as it relates to food with corresponding offers and coupons at the local market where they shop.

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