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September 22, 2011 12:34 ET

Swordfish Financial, Inc. Preparing a Plan to Assist the US Government in Reducing Its Outstanding Debt Level

ROCKWALL, TX--(Marketwire - Sep 22, 2011) - Swordfish Financial, Inc. (OTCQB: SWRF) (PINKSHEETS: SWRF) provides the following information regarding a proposed plan to assist the US Government in reducing its outstanding debt level through the completion of recovery projects for its affiliate the Peace Through Water (PTW) foundation.

As the US government makes grandiose and failed attempts to solve the national debt crisis, Swordfish Financial CEO Mike Alexander and his team have been doing their homework on how to get the federal government directly involved in physically recovering enough physical assets (Gold, Silver, Currencies, government debt instruments etc.) from the client's legally owned vaults around the World that they can pledge a large portion of the recoveries to the US Government and also proceed with its funding initiatives as a public company of investing and lending them out to generate consistent revenues for its shareholders.

CEO Mike Alexander starts by saying, "The first steps that we are focused on are simple, not easy, but simple enough that I am confident the recovery process is going to soon become a smooth and most of all common part of Swordfish Financial's Cash Flow resulting in a significantly higher price valuation for our company's stock."

Mr. Alexander says that, "Swordfish Financial has been researching to find the right team to cooperate in the recovery process. Swordfish is planning an aggressive campaign to solicit several Senators and Government Officials who are already on board with changing the way the United States uses Precious Metals. Being that Swordfish through its affiliate, Peace Through Water, has literally undeniable and verifiable legal right to gold assets held in Banks around the World with values and published quantities exceeding that of the Federal Reserve. Swordfish and Peace Through Water are planning what could be one of the most massive physical Gold Recoveries in US History."

Swordfish CEO Mike Alexander stated, "I am absolutely aware of the claims that are made with statements like these and the skepticism that comes along with a small cap company saying 'We have more Gold sitting in Vaults around the World than the U.S. Fed, but it is the absolute verifiable truth.'"

Swordfish has found several Tea Party Senators who have already implemented bold legislation to exempt Gold and Silver from taxation. Jim DeMint (R-SC), Mike Lee (R-Utah), and Rand Paul (R-KY) are among those Senators that Swordfish plans on reaching out to in an attempt to procure a strategy for one of the most massive physical Gold Recoveries from its rightfully owned Vaults. "A big problem that the investing public might not understand but I am sure any American Citizen can relate to is the fact that a Majority of Banks may have less than honest business practices. This fact is making the actual process of what should be a simple process of walking into a Branch where you have an account and making a withdrawal a complicated mockery of the U.S. Banking System," said CEO Mike Alexander.

An excellent example of this type of behavior can be seen best in the last press release. Mike Alexander also says that, "The last press release was not a great story with a Fairy Tale ending, but it was the truth and the shareholders have a right to know that we are not only in a constant state of negotiating with these banks and financial institutions but we are consistently being given the run around like yesterday's press release described."

SFI's primary operations are to acquire assets and provide funding for organizations in the currently under served humanitarian and eco-friendly markets. We will continue to update the market with our progress in communicating with not only these Senators but many other distinguished officials we are looking to bring on board.

About Swordfish Financial, Inc.

Swordfish Financial, Inc. (SFI) is a publicly held diversified financial asset recovery company formed to acquire orphaned assets of high net worth individuals, companies and to originate, fund, source funding for humanitarian and corporate transactions. SFI's primary operations will be to acquire assets and provide funding for organizations in the currently underserved humanitarian and eco-friendly markets. SFI will provide economical and efficient use of capital by providing loans to and or investments in small and medium sized organizations by providing asset based funding against marketable "income producing and/or marginable" assets. Our funding will enable our organizations to compete more effectively, improve operations and increase shareholder value.

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