December 01, 2005 09:00 ET

Syclo Releases Latest Version of Agentry Mobile Development Platform

Agentry 4.0 Features Greater Design Flexibility, Faster Application Development and No-Fail Communications Safeguards for Mobile Deployments

HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 1, 2005 -- Syclo today announced the release of Agentry 4.0, the latest version of the company's best-in-breed mobile platform, featuring new options that make it faster and easier for developers to build and deploy mobile applications that meet the rigorous demands of today's mobile workers.

The latest version of Agentry is comprised of cross-platform improvements, including:

-- An Adaptive Communications feature that allows administrators to
   set no-fail parameters to ensure mobile applications are always
   available as users move between networks
-- Import/Export/Compare provides the ability to import or export
   pre-built application configurations to deploy new or upgraded
   applications in the fastest possible timeframe
-- A Visual Screen Editor that allows developers to easily modify
   screen layout via drag/drop
-- Test Environment Upgrade with improved debugging and
   platform emulation
-- Support for Windows Mobile 2005

Deployed at more than 500 organizations worldwide, Agentry is a proven platform that has been recognized by industry analysts as being a leading multi-channel application gateway that can be used to deploy a wide range of mobile solutions. Agentry's core strength is its ability to lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) of mobile applications by enabling developers to rapidly build, deploy and maintain mobile applications without code writing. In addition, Agentry's ability to create a single application and deploy on multiple devices utilizing a variety of communications and network connectivity methods, ensures customers can deploy future-proof mobile solutions that meet their ever-changing needs.

Agentry 4.0 Offers Greater Flexibility for Administrators, Improves End-User Experience

"Agentry's latest enhancements provide our customers with the tools they need to confidently deploy mobile technology that promises a low total cost of ownership, and protection against obsolescence," said Richard Padula, Syclo's president and CEO. "Our customers can be assured that the platform underlying their mobile applications supports backend modifications, device preferences, and on-location variations, such as the availability of communications and connectivity options, as provided by our latest adaptive communications feature."

The adaptive communications feature not only allows developers to create a network priority sequence, it also permits constraints on the amount and type of information being sent over each of these networks. For example, if a user is in coverage for a Wireless LAN, it will be used; however, if connectivity is not available, the network will switch automatically to a wide area wireless connection such as GPRS.

Application developers can also more easily improve the look and feel of the application with Agentry 4.0's Visual Screen Editor that makes modifying screen layout a simple drag-and-drop function.

New Features Ensure Developers Can Deploy Rapidly, Keep Costs Low

"We have ensured developers are able to import new functionality and test their applications quickly, and with minimum hassle," Padula continued. "The new functionality boils down to our goal of allowing customers to reap the rewards of mobile technology, and gain the most value out of their applications by keeping development and support costs to a bare minimum."

As corporate business units continue to demand new mobile applications for their work teams, corporate IT departments and systems integrators are under pressure to react quickly and roll out new mobile solutions in a compressed timeframe. Agentry's new Import/Export/Compare feature adds additional value by shortening the phases of application development with the ability to import pre-configured components to rapidly assemble new mobile functionality. During mobile application development, developers can package and export unique configurations. Developers can also selectively import configurations, compare prior configurations with new versions of the application, and quickly rollout an upgraded mobile product.

Agentry 4.0 further benefits developers with improvements both in the speed of publishing an application and support for multiple developers working on multiple projects.

An enhanced testing environment includes the ability to emulate client platforms on the desktop, debug the application rules, view performance log files and inspect objects to ensure mobile deployments are successful from initial rollout.

About Agentry

Refined in over 10 years of development, Syclo's Agentry employs a powerful 4GL framework that insulates developers from the various complexities typically associated with designing and deploying mobile applications. Agentry consists of three main components, including the Agentry Editor for designing mobile applications, the Agentry Server for centrally managing the security and deployment of the mobile application, and the Agentry Client, which resides on the mobile device and provides extensive offline computing functionality. With Agentry, 80 percent of the application is already built allowing the designer to concentrate on the business solution, while the underlying Agentry components handle the technical details.

About Syclo

Syclo is a leading developer of mobile solutions that streamline workflow and maximize productivity. Building on its flagship development platform Agentry, Syclo offers fully configurable mobile applications that run on a variety of devices and support real-time wireless or offline computing. Syclo's SMART Suite, the most widely deployed solution for enterprise asset management, includes pre-packaged and pre-integrated applications for maintenance and field service teams. Syclo and its partners utilize Agentry to design, develop and integrate customized solutions on-time and within budget. Over 500 Global 2000 corporations across industries have deployed Syclo's solutions. For more information, visit, or email

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