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March 20, 2006 08:00 ET

Symantec Helps Pyrotek Dramatically Reduce Security Infrastructure Management Costs

Pyrotek Standardizes on Symantec Products to Centrally Secure Business-Critical Information Worldwide

CUPERTINO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 20, 2006 -- Symantec Corp. (NASDAQ: SYMC) today announced that Pyrotek, a global supplier of consumable products and melt-treatment solutions for the aluminum industry, has centralized its security management and standardized its entire infrastructure on a Symantec security platform. By standardizing on Symantec products for all of its security needs, Pyrotek has cut its security administrative costs and managerial time nearly in half. The company is also able to ensure its employees can securely access the company's business critical information from locations around the globe.

Pyrotek has grown from a $50 million dollar company to a $200 million dollar company over the last five years. Due to the company's multiple acquisitions and continued expansion, Pyrotek now has 1,500 employees operating in more than 75 locations nationwide. With 65 of these sites being small offices or home offices, it is imperative for the company to have data both secure and accessible from every locale. As Pyrotek began its accelerated growth cycle, the company started looking for ways to standardize on one platform and simplify the security landscape across the entire organization.

"With Pyrotek's rapid growth, we needed a security infrastructure that would offer visibility into each of our company's sites and make our main ERP system accessible to the whole organization, no matter where employees reside," says Michael Bradley, network operations manager, Pyrotek. "With each acquisition we inherit a variety of hardware, software, and security environments. Symantec offered the only all-encompassing security platform that could meet every one of our security needs."

Pyrotek has standardized its security infrastructure on Symantec products, including Symantec Gateway Security, Symantec Enterprise Firewall, Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition, Symantec Client Security, Symantec Advanced Manager for Security Gateways, Symantec Event Manager, Symantec pcAnywhere, and Symantec Ghost Solution Suite.

"Initially standardizing on Symantec saved us $30,000 over two years, and the annual savings continued to compound," notes Bradley. "Now, instead of purchasing security solutions separately, we purchase through one vendor, which saves us at least $10,000 a year. Symantec's security solutions have eliminated the extra time it would take us to integrate different manufacturer's solutions, and that's assuming they could integrate."

Remote Management from Anywhere

With numerous small offices, it is impossible for Pyrotek to have IT personnel at each location. To alleviate the time and expense of sending IT staff onsite for every system malfunction, Symantec pcAnywhere takes care of customer support and server management. When remote systems have an issue that cannot be resolved without direct IT intervention, technicians use pcAnywhere connect to that system, examine the situation remotely, and walk the user through the appropriate actions.

"When a major server failure occurred in one of our offices in France, pcAnywhere made it possible for the server application to be uninstalled and reinstalled from scratch," Bradley says. "With the help of onsite support we were able to get the server running within a matter of hours. pcAnywhere saved us the travel expenses required to send the nearest technician from London to France. More importantly, it enabled us to keep the office up and running all day."

In addition, Pyrotek uses Symantec Ghost Solution Suite, an enterprise imaging solution, to centrally and remotely provision machines. The solution saves Pyrotek approximately 20 hours in staff time and $2,000 per acquisition. With a run rate of 60 acquisitions per year, the resulting cost savings has approached $120,000 annually.

Protection from Online Threats

Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition provides centralized configuration, deployment, and alerts that allow Pyrotek to manage its distributed network and determine which nodes are vulnerable to virus attacks. When the well-known Sasser worm infected machines worldwide in May 2004, Symantec provided automatic virus protection for Pyrotek's workstations and network servers and quarantined the virus to help the company stay up and running with no interruption to its operations.

"It is vital that we have one partner to rely on for protecting our most critical asset -- the company's information," Bradley says. "The need for a secure infrastructure cannot be overstated in today's world where we rely so much on technology to store and manage our information. Even working with Symantec's partner, Advanced Internet Security, to set up our system has alleviated a huge burden. They have ensured that we receive all the support, tools, and resources to keep our data and information protected around the clock."

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