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November 14, 2006 08:00 ET

Symantec Helps Temple University Secure Its Data Network and Protect Students From Online Threats

University Significantly Reduces DOS Attacks and Improves Copyright Compliance by 73 Percent

CUPERTINO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 14, 2006 -- Symantec (NASDAQ: SYMC) today announced that Temple University is using Symantec solutions to secure its data network and protect students and faculty from online threats. In addition to its long-term use of Symantec AntiVirus, Temple is also leveraging Symantec Sygate Enterprise Protection (SSEP). Working together, the products have helped the university dramatically reduce the number of network incidents; virtually eliminating denial-of-service (DOS) attacks from residence halls and enabling IT to more quickly respond to and resolve potential security threats to students and faculty.

Founded in 1884, Temple University is the 28th largest university in the United States with faculty of 1,700 and a student population of 34,000. A world-class center of teaching, research, and health care, Temple is the country's sixth largest provider of professional degrees such as law, dentistry, medicine, and pharmacy.

Temple University is challenged with providing IT services and information security to numerous types of users, including faculty, staff, alumni, and students residing on and off campus. Protecting students in residence halls is particularly challenging. Computers are owned by the students, so IT must be able to enforce data security to protect students and the campus network while providing safe Internet access and other IT services.

"Protecting students and faculty from cyber attacks is a top priority and our ability to enforce a security policy across our diverse user groups is paramount to our success," says Seth Shestack, acting chief information security officer, Temple University. "We've been a Symantec AntiVirus customer for several years and the integration of Sygate Enterprise Protection into the company's portfolio has further strengthened our security posture. Together, Symantec AntiVirus and Sygate Enterprise Protection are helping us to effectively ensure student and faculty compliance with our security policy. As a result, we've drastically reduced the number of potential attacks."

Responding to the Changing Threat Landscape with Symantec AntiVirus

Temple University has relied on Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition for several years to reduce incidents of BOT attacks -- the type of DOS attacks that were creating problems in outages and data availability. With Symantec, Temple University has virtually eliminated BOT-based DOS attacks in residence halls, reducing the number of incidents from five during the Spring Semester of 2005 to zero during the entire fall 2005 to spring 2006 academic year. Temple University has also reduced the number of spyware and adware attacks that were previously causing network slowdowns.

Ensuring Compliance for Greater Security Policy Enforcement

The University was one of the first institutions to mandate antivirus software on every desktop, including student-owned computers in residence halls. The security policy program, which the university calls "Get Connected," is a streamlined process that helps students easily and safely connect to the Internet and campus network. The system automatically processes student telephone and Internet requests, and also checks a student's computer for compliance with the university's security policy before allowing access to the campus network. Temple University's policy enforcement program also ensures that students are running Symantec AntiVirus and Sygate Desktop Firewall to help protect them from known and unknown attacks while securing the university's network against non-compliant endpoints.

"A key to implementing our enterprise-wide security plan is awareness," explains Shestack. "The more we can communicate security awareness and teach safe computing habits, the fewer problems we have. Symantec enables us to systematically enforce our security policy, helping make compliance seamless for students and staff."

Defending the University's Reputation by Reducing Copyright Violations

In addition to protecting Temple University's students and data network, Symantec has also helped the institution reduce its exposure to student and faculty copyright violations that often occur from peer-to-peer file-sharing programs. Through SSEP's adaptive protection feature, the University knows which file-sharing programs are on the network and they are better able to effectively track and block violators who are illegally sharing copyright protected files. The result has been a 73 percent reduction in copyright violations. Moreover, the new solution has enabled Temple University to significantly reduce the resources required to investigate and resolve copyright allegations, saving 240 staff hours a year.

"Some of the specific feature enhancements of Symantec Sygate Enterprise Protection, such as true hierarchical management and enhanced Trojan and application threat protection are especially important in providing us with greater flexibility and control," adds Shestack. "As a result, we're able to configure the software more easily to suit our needs and improve efficiency."

Improving Resource Productivity

Temple has one of the country's largest computer labs. Coupled with computer labs in the residence halls, individual schools and other university-owned systems, Temple relies on Symantec Ghost to provision and repair its 2,000 to 3,000 computers remotely from a single location.

"Over the summer, we have to prepare our systems for the fall courses. Ghost helps us do so in two hours per computer compared to the five hours it would take otherwise," notes Shestack. "We save approximately 4,000 hours every year thanks to Ghost."

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