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January 24, 2007 08:00 ET

Symantec Managed Security Services Helps Danbury Hospital Secure Critical Patient Information

Danbury Hospital Works With Symantec to Streamline Security Operations and Ensure Compliance

CUPERTINO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 24, 2007 -- Symantec Corp. (NASDAQ: SYMC) today announced that Danbury Hospital is using Symantec Managed Security Services to help ensure its critical patient information is secure, facilitate compliance, and optimize the hospital's IT budget. Using Symantec Managed Security Services for monitoring and managing its security network, Danbury Hospital has dramatically reduced the number of threats to its network and eliminated the need to hire around-the-clock, in-house security experts.

Danbury Hospital, a regional medical center serving residents of Connecticut and New York, is ranked among the nation's Top 100 Hospitals(1). Danbury's most critical IT issues are information security and ensuring compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which governs the protection and availability of patient medical records.

"For a hospital like Danbury, security is a 24/7 job," says Susan Fronapfel, manager of information technology and security, Danbury Hospital. "We must strike a balance between providing patients and healthcare providers with access to information, while ensuring that sensitive patient data is kept secure and private at all times."

Previously, Danbury's IT staff spent up to four hours each day reviewing threat logs and identifying potentially serious threats that could affect the hospital. With Symantec Managed Security Services, Danbury now receives immediate notification of any threats that are critical enough to merit action, while automatically filtering out the irrelevant or harmless threats. As a result, the hospital now evaluates an average of two threats each month rather than 30.

"Symantec Managed Security Services is increasing our knowledge tremendously and improving my team's productivity," states Fronapfel. "Instead of hours, it now only takes a few minutes to review pertinent data."

Symantec provides Danbury with a global view of the threat landscape and also pinpoints security threats that are specific to the healthcare industry. Danbury now monitors its security posture using the Symantec Secure Internet Interface and has reduced the time spent on monitoring threats to less than 30 minutes each day. This allows Danbury's IT staff to devote its time to high-value projects aligned with the hospital's core mission of using IT to improve patient care.

"More time for our IT staff means that we can focus on other areas, such as the e-mail system and online billing, to improve hospital operations," adds Fronapfel. "It also means more time to focus on delivering better care to our patients."

Information Security Enables HIPAA Compliance

Symantec Managed Security Services has helped Danbury meet critical requirements for HIPAA compliance. By providing Danbury with more effective threat information, Symantec Managed Security Services has significantly decreased the number of critical threats over the past two years.

"Symantec Managed Security Services consolidated the existing rule base of our multiple firewalls and fine-tuned the rules for tighter control," says Brenda Plaag, chief privacy officer, Danbury Hospital. "We now have solid statistical evidence demonstrating the difference between our security coverage before and after Symantec's intervention. Symantec has also allowed us to pinpoint actual dangers and strengthen our security environment, which reinforces our commitment to complying with HIPAA regulations."

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