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February 25, 2009 13:18 ET

SymptomMD App Launch: Care Guides Your Physician Prescribes

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - February 25, 2009) - Self Care Decisions LLC unveiled SymptomMD, a decision support tool to determine what to do for common symptoms and minor injuries, as an iPhone/iPod app at an introductory cost of $1.99.

SymptomMD is based on tested clinical protocols used by more than 10,000 medical offices and 400 hospital-based medical advice helplines. During the past 15 years, these protocols have been used for more than 150 million symptom calls. These guides provide more than symptom identification and health information. Now, they include the next level decision support regarding appropriate response and instructions for symptom relief.

"The main purpose of SymptomMD is to help you decide how sick you (or your child) are and if you need to call your doctor or go to the emergency department. The second purpose is to provide direction on how to best relieve symptoms at home when it is safe to do so," according to David Thompson, MD, author of SymptomMD adult protocols.

Co-authors, Barton Schmitt, MD, FAAP, and David Thompson, MD, FACEP, are both practicing physicians, call center medical directors and earned degrees in engineering. Schmitt, author of the pediatric protocols, is also a professor of Pediatrics at Denver Children's Hospital and author of "Your Child's Health." Thompson, board certified in emergency medicine and internal medicine, is on the emergency department clinical faculty at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago. He also serves as Chief Information Officer / Chief Medical Officer with Apollo Information Services, an industry leading medical billing and technology company. He is the author of "Adult Telephone Triage Protocols 2nd Edition."

Through SymptomMD's easy-to-use iPhone app, consumers now have 24/7 access to 173 current head-to-toe adult and pediatric symptom guides which direct them through a course of action that their own physicians would advise. Users can navigate three quick steps to:

-- identify their symptoms

-- decide if they need to Call 911, Go to the Emergency Department, Call their Doctor, or

-- provide self care for symptom relief.

Using age, gender, alphabetical index, body area or keyword filters, users will find easy-to-understand definitions and visual images to identify symptoms and injuries or link to other related symptoms.

Next they will follow a decision tree to determine what action is appropriate based on the severity of symptoms. With the iPhone application they can immediately connect with 911, their personal physician or locate the closest emergency or urgent care facility through geo-coded mapping.

Finally when appropriate, the self care instructions include over-the-counter medications and dosage guides for symptom relief.

SymptomMD users are equipped to better manage their health care needs and expenses while taking timely and appropriate steps to relieve specific symptom discomfort and get on with their routine.

"This user-friendly tool empowers consumers with access to symptom information plus physician approved 'next-step' guides important to today's multi-tasking, cost conscious health consumer," Thompson summarized.

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