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November 09, 2010 03:00 ET

Synapse Wireless Expands Into Europe

Synapse Continues to Grow Global Sales Channels to Meet Demand for the Internet-Enabled, SNAP® Network Operating System

HUNTSVILLE, AL--(Marketwire - November 9, 2010) -  Synapse Wireless® announced today that Line One Sales Ltd., a leading independent technology sales company for advanced electronic products in metering, instrumentation and energy markets, has signed an agreement to offer Synapse's Internet-enabled, SNAP products and services in Europe.

Line One Sales is a leading European sales Rep organization and is headquartered in the UK. The Line One sales team will be working closely with Future Electronics -- a world class leader and innovator in the distribution and marketing of electronics solutions. Synapse's agreement with Line One Sales builds on Synapse's exclusive partnership with Future for the global distribution of Internet-enabled, products and services based on the SNAP network operating system.

Synapse's SNAP mesh network operating system is a portable, multi-vendor solution for embedding intelligent, wireless communication in devices and enables Internet connectivity. SNAP supports a wide range of network standards, radio frequencies and bandwidths, and provides an embedded Python interpreter to run applications while supporting distributed computing via the Internet.

Line One Sales was involved in the development and rollout of the first smart meters in the European market before the phrase smart grid even became fashionable. Through their long-term relationships with European metering companies and their involvement in utility companies they are very well-positioned to help Synapse Wireless and Future Electronics address the lighting and energy control and monitoring markets as they evolve in Europe.

"Having local technical expertise is key when engaging companies seeking to embed advanced wireless technology in their products," said Phil Ashton, Director and co-founder of Line One Sales Ltd. "We chose Synapse Wireless because SNAP, their Internet-enabled, network operating system is years ahead of anything comparable -- and it simply works -- with fast and easy implementation for our customers." There are currently over 1500 registered SNAP users.

"With over two decades of serving businesses with in-depth technical support for board level components and subassemblies, and with their focus on the renewable energy segments, Line One Sales is the perfect complement to Synapse Wireless and Future Electronics expanding product initiatives in Europe," said Wade Patterson, CEO and founder of Synapse Wireless. "They will help us meet the rising demand in Europe for a complete, reliable and integrated solution for connecting machines to each other and to people through the Internet."

Synapse's wireless technology can be deployed in almost any application that requires remote monitoring and control of machines, sensors or processes. Synapse products are available on Future's website; visit:

Synapse SNAP Network Operating System
Synapse's SNAP network operating system is an Internet-enabled, instant-on, multi-hop, mesh network designed to cost-effectively run efficiently over a wide range of popular microprocessors and microcontrollers. SNAP has a very small memory footprint thereby leaving more space for user applications. SNAP can support up to 16 million nodes in a single network. Since these are peer-to-peer mesh networks, there is no single point of failure: any node can talk directly to any other node that is in range, and any node can talk indirectly to any other node via intermediate nodes -- SNAP networks are self-healing. Users can interactively develop applications using a high-level English-like language called Python. No embedded programming experience is required. Synapse currently has over 1500 registered SNAP users.

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Synapse Wireless, Inc., located in Huntsville, Alabama, provides intelligent, wireless control and monitoring technology based on the Internet-enabled SNAP® network operating system. Synapse's Portal® and SNAP® Connect products provide a complete software development environment for easy application development and fast time to revenue. Synapse RF Engine® modules have achieved ZigBee® Compliant Platform (ZCP) certification. Synapse Design Services provides comprehensive design and implementation support for OEMs and partners. For more information, visit:

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