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September 22, 2009 08:00 ET

Synapse Wireless Joins Open Smart Grid Users Group

Advancing Interoperability and Open Standards for Smart Grid

HUNTSVILLE, AL--(Marketwire - September 22, 2009) - Synapse Wireless®, the leader in Internet-enabled, wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, today announced that it has joined the UCA®International Users Group (UCAIug), home to Open Smart Grid (OpenSG).

The UCAIug is a non-profit users group comprised of organizations involved in the electric utility industry that share a common goal of advancing interoperability for the utility enterprise and Smart Grid.

"The concept of interoperability is fundamentally based on the ability to efficiently and cost-effectively bring together the individual subsystem despite the constant change at the technology front," said Frost & Sullivan when recognizing Synapse as its "Emerging Company of the Year" for 2009. "Newly developed network software architectures such as SNAP provide flexibility and ease of deployment of wireless systems, as they address the unique needs of remote monitoring and control, and sensory network applications."

SNAP is an auto-forming, multi-hop, mesh network, software solution that "works as advertised" according to Tom Cantrell of Circuit Cellar magazine. SNAP is the industry's only solution that was designed from the ground up for seamless connection to the Internet.

Kay Clinard, UCAIug said, "The UCAIug values Synapse participation in our user communities, and we look forward to having Synapse work together with other UCAIug companies to enable utility integration through the deployment of open standards and provide a forum for supporting users from all stakeholder groups."

"Synapse's SNAP will revolutionize wireless sensor networks," said Michael Davidson, Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. "The simplicity of developing an application using SNAP is close to incredible -- every customer that has used SNAP has been amazed at the low cost, robustness, and ease of use."

With over 500 registered SNAP users and a growing customer base in advanced LED lighting systems, state-of-the-art solar energy panels, HVAC, metering, asset management and more, SNAP provides an ideal standard for Smart Grid building and home automation applications.

Frost & Sullivan observed that Synapse "has been quick to foresee demand in the energy monitoring, power management and infrastructure markets and has equipped itself appropriately to explore opportunities in emerging growth markets. Notable forays include Synapse's entry into the renewable energy, demand/response, smart metering and smart grid spaces that are expected to generate long term prospects for the company."

"We are very excited about our collaboration with Synapse as we believe SNAP is the best software standard for Personal Area Networks," said Richard Trueman, Senior Product Manager, Panasonic Industrial Company. SNAP-based products from Panasonic, California Eastern Laboratories (CEL) and Synapse's own Freescale-based modules can all reside on the same SNAP network and communicate seamlessly.

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