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Synapse Wireless, Inc.

October 29, 2009 09:00 ET

Synapse Wireless Names Pat Campbell to Lead International Business Development

Companies Looking to Partner in M2M Networking Now Have Dedicated Champion

HUNTSVILLE, AL--(Marketwire - October 29, 2009) - Synapse Wireless®, a leader in Internet-enabled, wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, named Pat Campbell to actively pursue partnership opportunities with major chip manufacturers and OEMs. Pat is a founder and Senior Vice President of Synapse Wireless.

"OEMs and microprocessor companies can add a great deal of value with little cost by embedding SNAP®, an intelligent mesh networking stack into their products," said Wade Patterson. "Pat was instrumental in forming the partnerships we have today, including Panasonic, Freescale, and California Eastern Laboratories (CEL). Companies with interest in partnering with Synapse Wireless will now have a dedicated, central point of contact for fast, knowledgeable and trustworthy support in forming a long-term, advantageous relationship."

Synapse's SNAP technology is an auto-forming, multi-hop, mesh network stack combined with an embedded Python interpreter and seamless Internet accessibility. SNAP can be ported to run on any wireless layer such as 400MHz, 700 MHz, 900 MHz and many others. With over 500 registered SNAP users, Synapse's growing customer base offers products in advanced LED lighting systems, solar energy monitoring, HVAC, metering, asset management and many more applications.

"We have decades of direct experience in working with semiconductor companies," said Pat Campbell, Senior Vice President of Synapse. "Our engineering staff brings out the key hardware features that differentiate a microprocessor when porting SNAP firmware to a new platform. We also invest in joint sales and marketing efforts through seminars, advertising, online promotions and customer calls. All of our partners enjoy timely, straightforward upgrades to new versions of SNAP simultaneously released."

Synapse's OEM partners are reaching the market in less than a year with the SNAP solution. SNAP is designed so that an engineer doesn't have to learn a network in order to get a functioning product. It even provides a Python engine that lets a developer write high-level application scripts instead of embedded programming. This greatly speeds the time to revenue over other techniques.

"We are very excited about our collaboration with Synapse as we believe SNAP is the best software standard for Personal Area Networks," said Richard Trueman, Senior Product Manager, Panasonic Industrial Company.

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