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May 05, 2005 10:00 ET

Syndesis Signs Comprehensive Four Year Agreement With Major European Operator -- Significantly Extends Relationship and Invests in Next Generation Software Solutions for IP Services Including


Syndesis Continues to Grow Its Pivotal Role as Large Italian Operator Transforms and Widens Its Position as a Dominant Pan-European Telecommunications Provider in What Is Described as the Largest Global OSS Contract in the Past Ten Years

TORONTO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 5, 2005 -- Syndesis is pleased to announce the signing of a new, four year guaranteed contract worth tens of millions of dollars with Telecom Italia for software solutions to enable next generation IP and DSL services including VPN, VLAN and MPLS. The agreement also includes optional components totaling an additional 15% of the contract value. With Syndesis as the anchor component of its comprehensive New Generation Operations Support System (NGOSS), Telecom Italia's Domestic Wireline Business Unit (TI Wireline) is already managing all ATM/FR, ADSL, IP, and IP-VPN services from a single engine and automating the provisioning of millions of lines with a common database. Under the agreement announced today, TI Wireline will continue to evolve its NGOSS based on Syndesis' technology, adding their new Ethernet, VLAN and MPLS services as well as options for SDH and DWDM. New functionality for ATM/FR, DSL, and VPN is also included to speed up the extension of services across Italy and beyond. This contract enables a rapid expansion of IP and second generation DSL service revenues while minimizing operational costs.

Since 2000, Syndesis and TI Wireline have been working together to centralize and consolidate the management of TI's entire pan-European broadband network. Through the adoption of NGOSS concepts and its partnership with Syndesis, TI Wireline has achieved unparalleled domestic growth and worldwide attention while expanding internationally and outpacing national Public Telephone and Telegraph (PTT) organizations in their own home markets.

"Syndesis has played a crucial role in Telecom Italia's success over the past four years, helping Telecom Italia to grow faster than any other major wireline provider in Europe," said Chris Swan, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales, Marketing and Alliances for Syndesis. "As other companies experience a decline in wireline revenues and subscribers, Telecom Italia has seen a 100+ percent increase in its Italian DSL subscriber base, a 156 percent growth in DSL-related revenues and an overall 86 percent growth in the DSL subscriber base outside of Italy. We look forward to the next phase of this partnership and, as always, Telecom Italia can rely on Syndesis to deliver."

Measuring the Substantial Results

TI Wireline has dramatically reduced time-to-service for new subscribers, accelerated time-to-market for new services, and vastly improved data integrity. From a cost perspective, TI Wireline's automated, integrated, Syndesis-based NGOSS platform has enabled a reduction in operational expenses by almost 40 percent since 2001, saving tens of millions of dollars. In the background, TI Wireline has increased end-to-end broadband service activations from 1,000 per day to an average of 40,000 per day, with peaks at times double that rate. Order fallout rates have declined from 30 percent of orders to an exemplary 5 percent or less, which translates into as many as 2,000 orders every day that no longer require fallout analysis and re-provisioning. Furthermore, TI's operations staff can now process in one hour what previously took a full day. This tremendous progress has earned Telecom Italia a reputation among financial analysts as "best in class" for operations.

Further proof of the strength and success of the Telecom Italia-Syndesis relationship includes the fact that, at the OSS World 2003 conference in New Orleans, Syndesis was recognized as the world's best in the "Operational Excellence" category based on its work with TI Wireline. Later that year, TI Wireline received the TeleManagement Forum's first ever "Operational Excellence" award for its NGOSS implementation, which is largely based on the Syndesis® NetProvision™ platform.

"There is no doubt that the relationship between Telecom Italia and Syndesis has produced incredible results as well as international industry recognition," adds Syndesis' Chris Swan. "Our ability to meet TI's technology, equipment, services, business and operational objectives has made Syndesis a trusted partner and strengthened our reputation for delivering everything that we promise and more. Telecom Italia's increasing commitment to Syndesis is further validation that our powerful, scalable, carrier-class software is truly world-class."

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