June 23, 2008 09:55 ET

SYNKIA First in the World to Offer SyncML Based SMS Backup

OSLO, NORWAY--(Marketwire - June 23, 2008) - SYNKIA, the Norwegian online personal data management service that has been offered globally to clients since July 2006, is the first and only synchronization service that offers fully SMS backup as a part of SyncML protocol. SYNKIA users are able to back up all their sent and received SMS messages, store them on SYNKIA server and access them via the SYNKIA web application.

SMS backup is realized as one time action of synchronization between a mobile phone and the SYNKIA server, together with all personal data. In the SMS section of SYNKIA web application users have a backup of messages still present on their phones and an unlimited archive of all messages ever backed up with SYNKIA, no matter if they are still on the phone or not. Rich search functions allow to find a specific message by key words, date sent or received and sender name.

"I'm a heavy SMS user myself and with SYNKIA SMS backup, I know that the 5,000 SMS'es that I store are safe and easy to access. Unlike other synchronization service providers, we offer SMS backup without asking clients to send all of the messages, each one separately as a single SMS, to the server. I'm glad that our clients may use such simple SMS backup service as this saves their time and money," says Morten Sundstø, the President and co-founder of SYNKIA.

The SYNKIA personal data management service is available at and can be used with any SyncML enabled handset. With SYNKIA one can store and manage their contacts, calendar appointments, tasks, notes and SMS'es. SYNKIA offers 100% safety for users data both during transmission and on its servers. SYNKIA is the first SyncML based service to offer SMS backup functionality.

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