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May 23, 2013 08:00 ET

SYNQY Solves 20-Year "Battle of Persuasion" for Inbound Web Traffic

Changes Time, Place of Digital Marketing Engagement While Maintaining Brand Control

PLEASANT HILL, CA--(Marketwired - May 23, 2013) - SYNQY Corporation today introduced an entirely new way for marketers to interact with online consumers. Since the inception of the Web, marketers have struggled to deliver brand experiences that they can distribute -- and still control. But until now, that's simply not been possible. In order to deliver a controlled brand experience, marketers have resorted to myriad forms of cajoling consumers to come to their websites -- a centralized "come hither" approach to engagement. SYNQY takes a different approach. It moves the location of brand marketing away from the brand's website by facilitating fully-functional engagement, where and when consumers encounter a brand.

Today, most Internet marketing is intrusive and distracting -- using links that open new browser windows and send users away from the site they are on. This is like a contorted Superbowl network broadcast where the TV switches channels away from the game when the commercials come on -- and never switches back to the game. No one would tolerate that while watching TV, but that's the current model for online marketing. SYNQY solves this problem by making it possible for marketers to move the location of brand engagement from their own websites to directly where consumers are online.

"Since day one of the Internet, marketers have wanted to deliver a non-intrusive, compelling experience without taking people away from a site -- because getting them back is near impossible," said Carolyn Perrier, Vice President of Accessories, Targus USA. "Finally, with SYNQY, one of the largest unsolved problems on the web today has been solved."

SYNQY changes the rules of Internet marketing, enabling companies to fully control and deliver dynamic, engaging experiences to an unlimited number of websites companies don't own. The SYNQY Smart Brand Asset Platform is a cloud-based service that adds interactivity and connectivity to static brand content like product photos and logos -- transforming them into sharable points-of-engagement wherever people choose to connect online. By clicking on a logo or image in a story or on a partner website, relevant information immediately becomes available at the site where a SYNQY Smart Brand Asset is placed. Developing SYNQY-enabled assets occurs using a simple web-based application and can be ready for distribution to thousands or millions of sites in less than 90 seconds.

"Finally, we have a way to ensure our messages are being well articulated by everyone in our distribution network," said Brian Metherell, Vice President and General Manager of Toshiba America Information Systems, Telecommunication Systems Division (TAIS TSD). "SYNQY allows us to control what shows up within our channel -- in a more granular and timely way. This is a key benefit. As we accelerate our solution offerings, we must ensure that our message goes out to the market in real time. With SYNQY, we know our dealers will stay on message and win more business."

Publishers gain value from SYNQY because consumers are staying on their sites and are offered a rich, relevant experience within the context of the site. Marketers benefit from the SYNQY platform because they fully retain control of their content -- they can change, control and track that content wherever it ends up online.

"For decades the only way to ensure high-quality consumer experiences was to centralize the engagement on the company website, and do everything possible to drive traffic to that place," said Michael Weissman, CEO and co-founder of SYNQY Corporation. "SYNQY turns this model upside-down, bringing high-quality, controlled content to anywhere that brand exists online today."

The SYNQY Smart Brand Asset Platform:

  • Repackages - SYNQY merges existing brand content together into shareable, dynamic marketing packages through a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Replicates - SYNQY syndicates rich, interactive content across multiple websites through a one-line, easy-to-install, embeddable code.
  • Replaces and Automatically Updates - SYNQY eliminates the need to coordinate manual content updates with partners by centrally controlling and automatically updating distributed marketing content across every site at the same time.
  • Reports - SYNQY captures true brand ROI by identifying every impression and user action that occurs on every site hosting a SYNQY code.

The SYNQY Smart Brand Asset Platform is available today at a subscription price of $100 per user per month, and includes a single SYNQY embed code. Implementation of each additional individual SYNQY costs $100 per year. To sign up for a 30-day free trial or get more information, visit

About SYNQY Corporation
SYNQY Corporation is the first company to enable marketers to consistently deliver and control brand experiences on websites they don't own. By packaging and syndicating brand content in a rich, integrated way, SYNQY transforms a static brand asset into a fully-functional platform that delivers relevant content and services to the consumer, right where they are already engaged online. SYNQY content is controllable, changeable and trackable in a way that has not been possible previously. SYNQY Corporation is a privately held company, founded in 2012. More information is available at

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