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November 20, 2007 09:30 ET

Syntec Biofuel Inc.: Appointment of New Board Members & Update on Yield Conversion

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Nov. 20, 2007) - Syntec Biofuel Inc. (OTCBB:SYBF) ( is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. George Kosanovich to the company's Board of Directors effective today, November 20, 2007. Currently serving as the company's Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Kosanovich has amassed a breadth of industry experience relating directly to the procurement of biofuels from biomass through his work as consultant to Canadian forestry companies. Building on a foundation of 23 years with OxyChem focusing mainly on the creation and growth of business ventures, Dr. Kosanovich has also successfully lead three different entities including two publicly traded companies, notably increasing these company revenues as well as overall growth. With a Ph.D. in chemical engineering, Dr. Kosanovich also attended the PMD program at the Harvard University School of Business.

This appointment immediately follows the promotion of company CFO Janet Cheng to Syntec's Board of Directors, which took place on November 8, 2007. Currently acting CFO, Ms. Cheng rounds-off the Syntec Board of Directors with her recognized background in accounting and corporate finance. A certified public accountant, she has contributed to the success of both public and private companies through her adept management of fiscal risk and reporting. Ms. Cheng continues to oversee the finances of Syntec Biofuel Inc. and it's wholly owned-subsidiaries.

Originating from research and development in the labs of the University of British Columbia over six years ago, Syntec has advanced this work consistently improving results and is currently achieving yields in excess of 73 gallons per ton of biomass (gpt). The company anticipates achieving their target of 113 gpt within the next 9-12 months. Syntec continues to optimize their proprietary catalytic technology, which at 73 gpt is already considered economically viable.

Syntec Biofuel's technology focuses on 2nd generation ethanol production deriving alcohols from cellulosic material. The process entails the gasification of biomass (renewable and waste feed stocks such as wood waste, switch grass, agricultural waste from current ethanol producers e.g. corn stover and sugar bagasse) to produce Syngas which is then converted by the Syntec catalysts, in a fixed bed reactor, to alcohol (ethanol, butanol, propynol and methanol). The Syntec process will generate substantially more greenhouse gas reduction, and carbon credits than the fermentation process.

For information on Syntec Biofuel Inc., a Washington State Company, please contact or call 604-648-2092.

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