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April 14, 2011 12:03 ET

Sypherlink Launches N-DEx Appliance and DEx Toolkit to Accelerate Data Sharing Among Local, State and Federal Agencies

Turnkey Solutions Reduce Cost and Complexity, Enabling Government Agencies to More Quickly and Easily Participate in Programs Such as the FBI's N-DEx Initiative

DUBLIN, OH--(Marketwire - Apr 14, 2011) - Sypherlink, a leading data integration software and NIEM conformance provider, released a turnkey software solution aimed at driving rapid adoption of the FBI's criminal justice information sharing system, N-DEx. Additionally, Sypherlink released a toolkit designed to help state and local programs extend the N-DEx solution so it can also be utilized to support local data exchange needs and objectives.

The basic purpose of N-DEx is to share criminal justice information on a national scale and to give the correct information to the appropriate people at the right time. "N-DEx is expected to be a game changer for information sharing," explains Jeffrey Lindsey, Chief and Program Manager of the N-DEx Unit, at the 2011 IJIS Institute Winter Briefing. "Fully adopted, it will have the most significant impact on criminal justice agency operations in fifty years."

A key challenge hindering the timely adoption of this important program is that many law enforcement agencies lack the technical and financial resources to comply with the N-DEx standard and messaging requirements. Compounding the problem is that in addition to supporting the FBI program, many states also would like to initiate their own local data sharing initiatives.

Sypherlink's N-DEx Appliance and DEx Toolkit were designed to help mitigate these challenges and allow public safety agencies to more easily leverage N-DEx to support multiple initiatives.

N-DEx Appliance

The N-DEx Appliance is a pre-configured solution specifically designed to enable agencies to quickly and inexpensively submit data to N-DEx. It includes pre-built interfaces to many of the industry's leading RMS applications. The interfaces consist of mappings that convert data from the RMS to a NIEM staging database. The solution also offers a pre-built N-DEx adapter that generates N-DEx compliant XML messages. The software is available pre-loaded on Sypherlink hardware or it can be deployed on the agency's hardware.

"The N-DEx Appliance is intended to simplify N-DEx implementations for law enforcement agencies nationwide," said James Paat, CEO of Sypherlink. "Rapid adoption is a critical success factor for N-DEx, and the N-DEx Appliance removes the barriers to participation for most agencies, including cost, time, complexity, lack of resources and domain expertise."

DEx Toolkit

According to Paat, the DEx Toolkit is an add-on to the N-DEx Appliance. The solution provides users and integrators with the tools to extend the N-DEx Appliance to support state, local and regional data sharing efforts. In addition to the functionality included in the N-DEx Appliance, the DEx Toolkit provides automated data assessment and mapping tools to map RMS data to new data models based on differing program requirements. Code templates are also provided to simplify the creation of target adapters to varying destinations.

"Based on years of experience with agency clients, we understand how difficult and costly it can be to manage multiple requests for participation in federal, state, local and regional data sharing programs," Paat said. "We built this suite of public safety solutions to help these agencies participate in each program with greater ease and fewer resources."

"In addition to the technology, Sypherlink has developed a proven implementation methodology that incorporates both software and the best practices outlined by nationwide criminal justice information sharing leaders," said Rehan Chawdry, Integrated Justice Practice Leader for Sypherlink. "This proven process enables agencies to vastly improve the time and cost metrics associated with implementing either N-DEx or another data sharing program."

Paat credits a strong commitment to partnerships as the force that propelled these solutions into completion. "Sypherlink takes pride in our relationships with many of the leading RMS providers in the public safety industry. Our joint development, marketing and support efforts benefit our clients by providing a seamless method to send data to N-DEx and other programs based on the expertise we possess in our respective areas."

Both products, the N-DEx Appliance and DEx Toolkit, are immediately available.

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