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December 19, 2012 09:00 ET

Sysomos Shares Five Tips on Setting Social Media Goals

With the Correct Planning, Social Media Offers an Unequalled Opportunity to Extend Brand Presence, Drive Revenue and Achieve Business Goals

TORONTO--(Marketwire - Dec 19, 2012) - While an increasing number of businesses incorporate social media into their marketing and sales strategies, determining return on investment remains a challenge for many. Sysomos' latest Tip Sheet, "5 Tips for Setting Measurable Social Media Goals," helps organizations set and achieve measurable social media goals that align with their business objectives. To achieve tangible results, however, organizations must apply the same type of accountability to their activities on social channels as they do to traditional channels, including goal-setting, benchmarking, tracking, analysis and reporting. Today's monitoring and analytics tools make this possible.

Report Highlights

  • The first step to achieving tangible results is to define specific, measurable goals that online tools can capture and measure. Too many organizations begin participating in social media before they figure out what it is they hope to accomplish. Consequently, they scatter their efforts and are not productive.
  • A recent study by Market Publishers found that nearly 60 percent of responding companies said social marketing has been more cost effective than other communication channels. Examples include market research, customer complaint resolution and decreased advertising costs. 
  • A call-to-action offer that urges people to respond in a particular way -- usually by clicking on a link -- allows organizations to track which social activity or channel contributed to which business or marketing goal.
  • In today's online, global marketplace it's very easy for customers to shift loyalties and use social channels to threaten to cancel brand relationships. Timely social media intervention can often "save" those potentially lost customers, allowing organizations to assess the value of the revenue they would have lost without that social intervention. 
  • Because social media affects virtually every area of an organization, successful goal-setting and tactical implementation requires alignment and coordination. People, processes and platforms must be in place to identify, engage and rapidly respond to social opportunities, issues and crises in real time.

"5 Tips for Setting Measurable Social Media Goals" is the sixth in a series of Sysomos Tip Sheets to help marketers leverage social media monitoring to advance their businesses.

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