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November 15, 2011 11:00 ET

T-Engine Forum Announces the TRONSHOW2012

28th Annual TRONSHOW Scheduled for December 14-16, 2011; Web Registration Is Now Available

TOKYO--(Marketwire - Nov 15, 2011) - The T-Engine Forum (TEF) has announced that it will hold "TRONSHOW2012," the 28th TRON Project Symposium, in Tokyo Midtown (Roppongi) from Wednesday, December 14 to Friday, December 16, 2011. The TRONSHOW has been showcasing this advancing real-time embedded system technology for 27 years. This year's TRONSHOW will highlight the semiconductor companies supporting and utilizing TRON Operating Systems such as T-Kernel and ITRON Specification OS. Several world-leading semiconductor manufacturers such as Freescale, Fujitsu, Renesas, TI and others are planning to participate. Also, the T-engine Forum recently announced the availability of the newest member of this family, T-Kernel 2.0. Detailed information is available at:

For a personal message about TRONSHOW2012 technology from the Chair of the T-Engine Forum, Dr. Ken Sakamura, please scan the nearby QR on your smartphone (QR scanning application required -- available from Apple, Blackberry and Android online application stores) or follow the link below:

(URL for Dr. Sakamura's video)

Also highlighted at the TRONSHOW2012 will be the ubiquitous identification (uID) applications called Monosil and Kokosil. Monosil is an application of the uID architecture that manages objects, while the uID Kokosil application manages locations. Monosil is a simple web system for communication between producers and consumers of objects or for sharing management information by way of ucodes. An example of a Monosil application user would be a farmer who would otherwise have no way of knowing who purchases the agricultural products he ships and how they are consumed. Similarly, Monosil is useful to manufacturers who wish to ascertain who purchases their industrial products and how they are used.

Kokosil provides information on locations for the uID user. There are many locations of interest in our surroundings such as stores, public transportation, public facilities and other places where information is required. Frequently, when traveling, the location of a nearby public toilet may be of great interest. In addition to providing basic information, Kokosil also provides store owners with an opportunity to advertise exclusively to people who are nearby. Being an excellent "Tour Guide" Kokosil can deliver information based upon the users' behavior and preferences.

TRONSHOW2012 will also feature the latest developments in ubiquitous computing utilizing Near-Field Communication (NFC) tags embedded into cellular telephones. The embedment of these NFC devices, along with the T-Engine Forum's ubiquitous computing initiative, makes the common smartphone a ubiquitous communication device that is always available.

Pre-register now at no cost for TRONSHOW2012 at:

About The uID (Ubiquitous ID) Center
Established and managed under TEF, this non-profit organization (NPO) was set up within the T-Engine Forum to establish and disseminate the core technology for automatically identifying physical objects and locations and to work toward the ultimate objective of realizing a ubiquitous computing environment. Its main activities are constructing an ID system of ucodes, which are assigned to "physical objects" and "locations," establishing the core technology for using ucodes. It has developed and promoted the uID architecture, an application framework to use ucodes in various tags in a network environment.

You can access the uID video at:

About The T-Engine Forum (TEF)
The T-Engine Forum is a non-profit organization (NPO) established to publish standards, conduct research and development, and promote the T-Engine Architecture initiated by Professor Ken Sakamura of the University of Tokyo. Dr. Sakamura proposed the T-Engine Architecture as a development platform for real-time embedded systems, and the TEF to conduct liaison and coordination among organizations involved with the technology. The TEF is chaired by Dr. Sakamura. Other objectives of TEF are establishing a ubiquitous computing environment using T-Engine, and managing the activities of Ubiquitous ID (identification) Center. For more information on the TEF and TEF membership, please go to:

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