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June 15, 2006 20:30 ET

Tableau Version 2.0 Debuts With Powerful New Visual Analysis Enhancements and Ground-Breaking Usability Features

Products Take Next Big Step in Enabling Information Workers to Easily Ask Questions and Get Answers From Their Data

SEATTLE, WA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 15, 2006 -- Tableau Software, the global leader in visual analysis software, today launched Tableau v2.0, the most powerful and easy to use data analysis software available. It is designed for Information Workers in all job functions and industries. Tableau v2.0 enables people to summarize and explore data with an intuitive interface that generates crisp visual displays.

"Companies in every industry are deploying Tableau faster than we ever dreamed," said Christian Chabot, CEO and Co-founder. "Our dramatic growth over the last year signals that customers are achieving immediate gains by using Tableau. The world's leading Fortune 500 companies are telling us they can now see and understand business information like never before."

Universal Data Access

Tableau v2.0 has added a suite of new features that make the access and analysis of large data sets simple to complete without technical training or the need for IT support. For example, it is now easier than ever to join data from multiple database tables. Version 2.0 also makes it convenient to extract data from a large data warehouse for sampling and analysis. For the mobile user, version 2.0 enables easy offline analysis and 1-click reconnection to the master data.

Dynamic Calculations™

Tableau v2.0 delivers a new class of tools branded Tableau Dynamic Calculations for creating custom aggregations, computed fields, totals and subtotals. In addition, the product helps people define "on the fly" visual summaries that address the tricky quantitative problems involving running totals, moving averages, CAGR, and percentage change. All Dynamic Calculations are created using an intuitive drag and drop user interface and don't require any knowledge of formulas or the use of scripts.

Exploratory Modeling

Version 2.0 enables 1-click trend line statistics allowing people to apply an unlimited number of forecasting factors to a model. "Visual model building" can be accomplished by dragging and dropping various data variables into the display. The user is then able to determine the predictive quality of one factor over another.

Dynamic Data Inspection

Tableau v2.0 has added a suite of interactive features designed to dramatically improve people's ability to inspect data and to enable discovery. An innovative interface employs "live" visual cues including dynamic drop lines, summary statistics, and quick filters. The interface also enables people to lasso and highlight specific data points for deeper inspection or exclusion from the visual analysis.

Data Playback and Paging

Tableau v2.0 creates a new dimension of analysis by enabling the "comparative slicing" of data via an innovative paging feature. This enables people to create an analysis then automatically compare it to more detailed views by slicing it along another dimension on separate pages. For example, a user might create a sales summary on one page then run the same analysis for every sales manager in the company. The Data Playback feature enables people to create a 1-click "analytical video" of all the pages.

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