March 07, 2007 08:59 ET

TACODA Announces Guiding Principles for Data Usage

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 7, 2007 -- TACODA®, the world's largest behaviorally targeted online advertising network, today announced "Guiding Principles for Data Usage" that assure advertisers, publishers, and users that TACODA will protect and preserve the integrity of data used to serve ads on its Audience Networks™.

Among TACODA's Guiding Principles for Advertisers:

--  Advertisers own their campaign data
--  Specific audience information collected from advertisers' Web sites is
    strictly owned by that advertiser and is never shared with any other
--  Specific information captured as a result of an advertiser's campaign,
    for instance click stream data or response metrics, will not be shared or
    repurposed for any other company's campaign

TACODA's Guiding Principles for Publishers:

--  Publishers own their audience data
--  Specific audience information collected from publishers' Web sites is
    strictly owned by that publisher and is never shared with any other company
--  Only anonymous, aggregated audience information will be used for
    campaign reporting or external communications
--  Publishers are transparently compensated for their data when it is
    used for a targeted ad delivery

TACODA's Guiding Principles for Users:

--  TACODA will use best efforts to provide all users with notice and the
    opportunity to opt-out of our anonymous behavioral data collection and
    targeted ad delivery
--  No Personally Identifiable Information (PII) will ever knowingly be
    collected or used by TACODA; personal data is defined as data that can be
    used to uniquely identify, contact or locate a person and includes name,
    address, email address, and phone number
--  No "sensitive" data of any kind, such as data relating to certain
    health conditions or the age of a child under 13, is ever knowingly
    collected or used for targeting
--  TACODA cookies are set to actively expire after one year unless
    renewed by subsequent browsing

"The protection of user privacy and the principles of notice, choice and transparency are hallmarks of TACODA's business," says Mark Pinney, TACODA's Chief Privacy Officer. "The 'Guiding Principles for Data Usage' are designed to make certain that our partners and their customers understand very clearly how we operate and to assure them that we take the collection and use of data very seriously. Trust is not just a slogan at TACODA, it is standard operating procedure."

TACODA®, Inc. ( is the world's largest and most advanced behavioral targeting advertising network. Since 2001, TACODA has provided a comprehensive range of behavioral targeting solutions to thousands of Web publishers and brand marketers. Its patent pending technologies power TACODA Audience Networks™ which enable brand advertisers to target relevant messages to specific audience segments. Major US media partners include Dow Jones, The New York Times Company, NBC Universal, Hoovers,,, and


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