November 30, 2006 09:48 ET

TACODA Builds on Consumer Choice Initiative With Privacy Practices Audit

First Network to Audit and Validate Its Privacy Practices With Third Party Consultant; Goes Beyond FTC and NAI Principles

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 30, 2006 -- Building on the November 6 launch of its multi-dimensional, privacy-driven Consumer Choice Initiative, TACODA®, the leading provider of behaviorally-targeted online advertising solutions, today announced that ImServices Group Ltd. has completed an audit of TACODA Audience Networks™ and finds its privacy and general business practices meet or exceed FTC and NAI Principles.

ImServices Group, a leading provider of independent consulting and verification services, including process reviews, activity and privacy audits for interactive media companies, reported that TACODA meets the following privacy standards:

1. Cookies used by TACODA Audience Networks do not contain any personally identifiable information (PII).

2. TACODA maintains adequate physical and logical controls to prevent unauthorized access to its data, databases and datacenters.

3. TACODA allows consumers an ability to opt out of TACODA cookies as outlined in the TACODA privacy policy, and the opt-out procedure adheres to what is stated in the published privacy policy.

4. TACODA's business practices are consistent with its published privacy policy, which embodies the Federal Trade Commission's fair information principles and the Online Privacy Alliance guidelines. The privacy policy also addresses similar principles outlined by the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI).

5. TACODA's Platform for Privacy Preferences ("P3P") compact and full policies appropriately reflects statements about its published privacy policy.

"TACODA is to be commended for the way it deals openly and honestly with consumer interaction with advertisements across the Audience Networks," says Richard Bennett, CEO ImServices Group. "By giving consumers clear choice they are taking a proactive position on privacy and setting the standard for the industry."

The findings are consistent with the newly-launched Consumer Choice Initiative promise that TACODA will go even further than regulations or industry best practices require for consumer privacy by: giving notice of its use of cookies to every consumer that is exposed to its network at least once every six months; shortening the expiration date of all its cookies going forward to only one year; developing patent-pending technology to recognize a consumers' opt-out status even if they have deleted their browser cookies; and avoiding targeting advertisements using "sensitive" data, such as sexual preference, certain medical conditions, or identifying children.

"We are pleased that ImServices Group, a highly respected independent verification company, has documented what we have claimed all along, that TACODA has been and will be the behavioral marketing industry leader in assuring the protection of consumer privacy," says TACODA CEO, Curt Viebranz. "Privacy is central to our business and the value that we create. We believe that the benefits of preserving consumer choice far out weigh the costs and risks of compromising the trust audiences and advertisers have put in TACODA."

ImServices Group Ltd. ( is a leading provider of independent consulting and verification services including: measurement accreditations to IAB and MRC guidelines; IT reviews; process reviews; activity and privacy audits for Web sites, third-party ad servers and other interactive media companies. ImServices also reviews a wide range of other types of electronic transactions including Cost per Click (CPC), e-commerce, wireless activity on mobile devices, podcasts and Interactive Television (ITV).

TACODA®, Inc. ( is the world's largest and most advanced behavioral targeting advertising network. Since 2001, TACODA has provided a comprehensive range of behavioral targeting solutions to thousands of Web publishers and brand marketers. Its patent-pending technologies power TACODA Audience Networks™ which enable brand advertisers to target relevant messages to specific audience segments. Major US media partners include The New York Times Company, NBC Universal, Hoovers,,, and Tribune Interactive.


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