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September 04, 2013 06:00 ET

Taconic and Medicyte Announce Strategic Marketing Alliance

Taconic to Distribute Medicyte Human Upcyte® Hepatocyte Products

NEW YORK, NY and HEIDELBERG, GERMANY--(Marketwired - Sep 4, 2013) - Taconic and Medicyte today announced the formation of a marketing and sales agreement through which Taconic will promote and sell human primary upycte® hepatocyte cell strains and corresponding media developed by Medicyte for in vitro applications. The agreement effective immediately strengthens Taconic's tADMET™ portfolio of models and provides Medicyte broader distribution of its products as well as increased market visibility and entrance into new markets for its hepatocyte cell strains.

The Taconic tADMET™ portfolio is a comprehensive and unique collection of genetically and tissue humanized mouse models, as well as in vitro tools and services that aim to improve the predictability of drug responses in humans. Translational research applications include studies in drug metabolism, toxicology/safety and infectious diseases of the liver.

Medicyte's products and services will enhance Taconic's tADMET™ portfolio. Using its innovative upcyte® technology, Medicyte offers more predictive, reliable and standardized human cell strains in quantities sufficient for usual study needs. Primary cells are driven into proliferation, thus allowing controlled cell proliferation without inducing immortalization, uncontrolled cell growth or changing the typical characteristics. Human upcyte® hepatocytes can easily be applied to cell-based assays for use in research, screening and drug development. Taconic provides seamless access to the unparalleled tADMET™ portfolio through its combined marketing of predictive in vivo models and upcyte® hepatocytes.

"Taconic and Medicyte are coming together to provide the knowledge and materials necessary for scientists to increase human relevance in their drug research by using models that contain human primary cells. Human hepatocytes are indispensable for many applications in research, drug screening and development. However, the availability of primary human hepatocytes is limited and their quality is variable. With the upcyte® Hepatocytes we can bring predictive, reliable and standardized cells on the market to close that gap. The combination of the Medicyte and Taconic portfolios represents a perfect match to offer researchers a complete package for in vitro and in vivo studies," said Dr. Joris Braspenning Managing Director of Medicyte. 

Todd Little, Taconic President and CEO comments on the importance of the new agreement with Medicyte: "The marketing and sales agreement with Medicyte is Taconic's most recent step in building its portfolio of tools for improving predictions of human outcomes, for example in the field of ADME research. The upcyte® Hepatocytes are an ideal complement to our genetic and tissue humanized in vivo models included in Taconic's tADMET™ portfolio. Combining Taconic's in vivo expertise and offerings with Medicyte's innovative upcyte® in vitro products will allow our customers to select from an even more complete toolbox applicable to all stages in preclinical drug development and testing."

Taconic and Medicyte will be attending the 10th International ISSX Meeting September 29 - October 3 in Toronto, Canada. Representatives from both firms will be available at the Taconic trade show booth #310 to answer questions from research professionals about the use of upcyte® Hepatocytes.

About Taconic
Taconic is a global provider of genetically engineered mouse and rat models and services. As a full-service industry leader, founded in 1952, Taconic helps clients acquire, test, develop, breed, cryopreserve, prepare, and distribute highly relevant research lines worldwide. Headquartered in New York's Hudson River Valley, Taconic operates six breeding facilities and three service laboratories in the U.S. and Europe and maintains over 850 employees committed to technological innovation. Taconic's products and services are used by over 1250 companies and academic research institutions in nearly 50 nations worldwide.

About Medicyte
Medicyte is specialized in the controlled generation and standardization of human primary cell products in virtually unlimited quantities and of highest quality for cell therapy and cell-based R&D. Medicyte's proprietary technologies "upcyte®" and "vericyte®" enable the expansion of human hepatocytes and other cell types from different donors in a standardized manner, thereby, for the first time, making these cells commercially available in high quantities and consistent quality. Already, pharmaceutical companies are considering using human upcyte® Hepatocytes for in vitro ADMET testing as alternatives to primary human cells. Further information can be found at

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