SOURCE: Taconic


May 08, 2014 16:49 ET

Taconic Launches Exciting New Website in Support of Translational Microbiome Research

HUDSON, NY--(Marketwired - May 8, 2014) - Today, Taconic announced the launch of the Translational Microbiome Research Forum website, which provides an opportunity for investigators worldwide to access and exchange information in the emerging field of microbiome research. The Translational Microbiome Research Forum website provides up-to-date news, publications, events, and meetings about translational microbiome research. It is also a place to join a community of peers to learn from and talk about the work in which they are engaged. While Taconic has underwritten all costs associated with the creation and maintenance of the website, the content of the website will be driven mainly by posts from professionals in the microbiome research community. The website can be accessed at

The microbiome consists of all the microbes that live in and on the body (gut, oral, skin, lung, and other body sites). Within only the last decade, scientists have begun to understand that the microbiome contributes significantly to the health and disease status of an individual. Better understanding the role and function of the microbiome will lead to development of diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to improve human health and wellness.

Dr. Martin Toft, Head of Scientific Research and Development at Taconic, noted, "Taconic is proud to support the Translational Microbiome Research Forum website. It represents a continuation of the company's efforts to support evolving research areas. The microbiome is clearly a burgeoning area of inquiry and our desire is to facilitate opportunities for scientists in this arena to learn from and connect with one another in pursuit of answers to all the new and different questions generated on a daily basis. I look forward to engaging with and learning from colleagues in a venue dedicated to inspiring dialogue about microbiome and translational models."

After learning about the new website, Dr. Axel Kornerup Hansen, DVM, dipECLAM, Professor in the Department of Veterinary Disease Biology, Experimental Animal Models at the University of Copenhagen, commented, "I was excited to hear about the launch of the Translational Microbiome Research Forum. It is important to have a website focused on the translational aspects of Microbiome research and I look forward to participating in many conversations with my colleagues."

Scientists involved in microbiome research with interest in translational rodent models are encouraged to visit to join the dialogue from participants all around the world. Further, submissions of short articles of interest to the translational microbiome research community are welcomed and can be submitted through the website.

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