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March 18, 2013 09:09 ET

Tactical Communications Group Announces Immediate Availability of Breakthrough New Multi-MIDS Software

Powerful TCG Multi-MIDS Software Capability Uniquely Provides Military Users With New Ability to Cost-Effectively Control and Monitor Multiple Distributed MIDS Connections Simultaneously From a Single Host

TEWKSBURY, MA--(Marketwire - Mar 18, 2013) - Tactical Communications Group (TCG), the leading independent provider of tactical data link (TDL) software solutions for military test, training, simulation and operational applications worldwide today announced the release of a unique, new Multi-MIDS software capability, and the delivery of this new software solution to an international customer.

This new Multi-MIDS software capability, which leverages recently completed, innovative TCG architectural changes, enables the support of up to 20 MIDS terminal connections simultaneously through one data link processor. Unlike alternative solutions which are typically implemented using hardware-based approaches and are very expensive and difficult to cost-effectively scale out over large geographic areas or even countrywide, this new TCG software-based implementation provides military users significantly enhanced data link operational capabilities covering broad geographic areas, at an extremely affordable price point.

Control and monitoring of multiple MIDS terminal from a single host introduces many challenges and complexities, which TCG has also fully resolved with this new, unique software-centric implementation. One key feature of TCG's new Multi-MIDS software capability is the ability to both broadcast messages to all terminals, while sending addressed messages to the MIDS terminal with the best connectivity to the destination platform. Additional unique capabilities include the ability to set intelligent geographic and message filters on each MIDS connection independently, with TCG also providing a new software interface to manage these multiple MIDS connections. This new interface leverages the success of TCG's market-proven Terminal Control Wizard (TCW) and greatly simplifies the operator workload associated with managing multiple terminals. With these and other software-based features, TCG has successfully abstracted all the complexities associated with monitoring and control of multiple MIDS terminals simultaneously from a single host, thus providing military users with an easy-to-use solution which significantly enhances tactical data link geographic coverage and situational awareness, at a dramatically reduced cost.

"The addition of Multi-MIDS is another best in class, cost effective solution for customers with multiple terminals that also eases operator workloads, and the demand for such a solution is growing, particularly in our international customer base," said Michael Hiney, TCG's Senior Vice President and General Manager. "Today's ground C2 units are using multiple terminals to expand Link 16 coverage without the need for airborne C2 or relay platforms. This provides more continuous, reliable, and survivable RF coverage and access across the battlefield, or even across a country. Unlike other product offerings in the marketplace TCG's solution is substantially implemented in software, is multi-link capable, highly affordable, extensible, and ready now."

"TCG has solved a number of challenges involving the control, management, and interoperability of multiple, simultaneous MIDS terminals," said Frank Newark, TCG's Vice President of Engineering. "We implemented advanced message routing and processing to support transmission/reception of addressed and broadcast messages, including messages received by multiple MIDS terminals. Significant effort was also dedicated to providing the host system/user with the ability to override the default algorithms in order to maintain optimal flexibility which TCG's customers have come to expect from LinkPRO, BOSS, GTS. This new Multi-MIDS configuration supports up to 20 simultaneous connections, which can be any combination of the many MIDS or range extension protocols supported by our product line. In order to support user interface demands that arise when attempting to manage up to 20 MIDS connections, we also developed a new user interface and multi-connection Link 16 MIDS applications which greatly simplifies the burden of controlling more than one MIDS radio. Multi-MIDS is also fully compatible with External Time Reference (ETR) capable systems and supports both message filtering and geographic filtering, minimizing redundant traffic to the MIDS terminals while ensuring that operational needs are met."

This new Multi-MIDS capability is now available as a separately priced software module from TCG, and can be easily added to existing BOSS, GTS and LinkPRO systems.

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