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March 20, 2007 11:03 ET

Tagline Guru Scales Sloganeering Services to Meet Needs of Small and Emerging Businesses

Leading Tagline Developer Offers Big Slogans, Bigger Brands, Greatest Value to Entrepreneurs

SAN MATEO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 20, 2007 -- Just because you're a small or emerging business doesn't mean you can't have a big slogan, says Tagline Guru™ ( The world's leading solo sloganeer today announced a tagline development program designed especially for organizations with limited time, budget, and resources.

"Most small and emerging companies don't have a clear brand position, promise, or message," says Eric Swartz, president of Tagline Guru. "Through a combination of benign neglect or competing priorities, branding is given scarce attention. My mission is to put it on the front burner and create fresh, pivotal expressions that will radiate some heat."

Small and emerging companies can expect to pay traditional advertising and branding agencies upwards of $2,500 or more for tagline development work. "That's a drop in the bucket for the large or mature company, but a tough pill to swallow for companies that have other critical initiatives to implement and are closely watching their expenses," Swartz says.

According to Swartz, traditional agencies justify their pricing by claiming the need to throw several bodies at a project and engage in a lengthy discovery process. "Since I'm a solo sloganeer, I consult my clients directly and use an abbreviated brand audit to discover the necessary particulars -- typically in around 15 questions. The lion's share of my time is spent on creative development, which I can do in one or more rounds depending on my client's budget."

Swartz, whose academic background is in rhetoric and communications and whose career has focused on marketing, advertising, and branding for the last 25 years, is a serious practitioner of short-form copywriting. "Tagline development is the haiku of branding. It can distill the essence of a corporate vision, competitive position, or product benefit into a cogent and compelling story. Think of it as an exclamation point at the end of your 30-second elevator pitch."

Swartz also points out that taglines can be used to enhance the value of a brand by increasing its relevance and extending its reach. "Re-branding is all about making your old brand new -- whether you're planning to enter a new market, launch a new product, or develop a brand awareness campaign."

Swartz continues: "I'm very pragmatic about the tagline development process. Whether it embodies a deeply-held value or promises a meaningful customer experience, a tagline should reflect an organization's brand character and personality and be as unique, specific, and memorable as possible."

A division of The Byline Group (, Tagline Guru is the only sloganeering agency that specializes in message creation, alignment, integration, and packaging. Its president, Eric Swartz, has developed brand expressions and messages for more than 100 organizations, including Adaptec, American Express, Apple Computer, CMP Media, FedEx, and Wells Fargo.

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