Tahltan Business Council

January 25, 2010 13:43 ET

Tahltan Business Council Wants to Move Forward on Mining Relationships

DEASE LAKE, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Jan. 25, 2010) - The Tahltan Business Council is urging the Tahltan Central Council to move forward with economic planning surrounding the Red Chris mine project following the Supreme Court of Canada decision.

"Like everywhere else Tahltan community members have been hit hard as a result of the financial meltdown," says Gordon Loverin, President of the Tahltan Business Council.

"Our primary concern is to find immediate ways to bring economic stability back into our territory and we see a positive opportunity with a permitted mine in our back yard."

The Tahltan economy has been closely linked with the mining industry as far back as the Cassiar Gold Rush of the 1870s. That association continued with the Cassiar mine and several gold mines within the Stikine River Watershed.

"Unemployment insurance is running out for our members and we need to be responsive to our community members' financial needs," says Jerry Asp, Vice-President of the Tahltan Business Council.

"Our government has entered into several memorandums of understanding (MOU's) with mine developers and we need to remind them that these documents should lead the relationship building process in our land," says Asp.

"We continue to witness social impacts from a depressed Tahltan economy. The Tahltan Business Council recognizes the creation of wealth from mining as a means to fund the much needed social, recreational and economic development programs our Nation requires," says Loverin.

"We want to participate in the future of our economy and Nation building. Like any government that means looking at ways to create wealth from our land and we urge our government to stay focused on that," says both Asp and Loverin.

"There is much talent within the Tahltan Nation that can ensure environmental mitigation from mining projects. Let's look at these projects as opportunities rather than live in fear of them," Loverin concluded.

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