SOURCE: Taiwanese Artist Vincent J.F. Huang

April 19, 2012 11:15 ET

Taiwanese Artist Sinks 3C iTitanic in Taipei

TAIPEI, TAIWAN--(Marketwire - Apr 19, 2012) - In recent years there has been a resurgent interest in the Titanic, partly due to Hollywood productions. Many galleries have exhibited artifacts, auctioneers have capitalized by selling high-priced relics, even Titanic's mysterious demise remains a contentious topic of conversation. In his latest installment, Taiwanese artist Vincent Huang uses coral growth from submerged 3C products, such as smart phones and tablets, to create a modern iTitanic. People's insatiable hunger for new technology is not so different from the 'humanity at the center' attitude held one hundred years ago regarding the industrial accomplishment of the Titanic. Huang's coral iTitanic is a commentary on a new kind of industrial revolution and the fight against nature.

One hundred years ago the Titanic set sail for New York; it was the industrial revolution's flagship and a testimony to man's upper hand on nature. Collision with an iceberg was enough to plunge the 'unsinkable' Titanic 3000 meters into the ocean's depths where it has slept for the last century.

In light of the modern age, with its constant upgrades and expanding technology, Huang uses coral growth in an enclosed aquarium to display the limitations of resource consumption. In his metaphorical installment, the corals eventually suffocate and calcify, leaving a frozen image of a once-active ecosystem. Humanity, with its economic pursuits and uninhibited development, is slowly choking itself to death, much like the corals in Huang's aquarium.

The exhibition opened on April 17th, 2012 at Taipei Xingnan Museum of Contemporary Art, hosted by International Rotary Club -- 3520 Taipei Yuanshan Club. Zonta International Taipei I and Taipei II Clubs. Parliament Speaker Wang Jin-pyng and government officials gave speeches regarding the country's approach to environment, and also supported with the Rotary Club and Zonta Club for taking the lead in the field of artistic innovation in social welfare activities. Taipei Yuanshan Rotary Leader Jian Maonan emphasized that the International Rotary Club supports progression and environmentalism, and plans to continue using art as a platform to promote environmental awareness.

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