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November 23, 2011 13:10 ET

Take 'Steps' to Burn Off Your Own Stuffing; GlobalFit Challenges Americans to Walk Off Holiday Calories

PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwire - Nov 23, 2011) - This Thursday, it will be fatty gravy, buttery potatoes, marshmallow yams, and then pie, pie, pie. That adds up to about 4,500 calories for the average Thanksgiving dinner, according to the non-profit Calorie Control Council. Eating eight Big Macs® would give you fewer calories.

This year, GlobalFit encourages a little activity along with your feast. The leading provider of corporate wellness through physical activity programs, GlobalFit has challenged every American to commit to taking at least 10,000 steps on Thanksgiving Day.

"It's wonderful that we all show gratitude for our nation's bounty, but if you have good health and an able body, it's also important to be thankful for that," said Molly Napolitano, Senior Health and Fitness Expert for GlobalFit. "Besides, a crisp autumn day makes the perfect setting for a leisurely walk between courses."

GlobalFit's 10,000-step challenge makes a good start. To completely burn off the year's biggest meal, though, you would need to take more than 90,000 steps. Consider the calories -- and the steps required to burn them off -- in these traditional favorites:

  • Roasted turkey (6 oz, dark and white, untrimmed): 450 calories = 9,000 steps
  • Homemade stuffing (1 cup): 400 calories = 8,000 steps
  • Cranberry sauce (1/2 cup): 200 calories = 4,000 steps
  • Mashed potatoes (1 cup): 350 calories = 7,000 steps
  • Giblet gravy (1/2 cup): 150 calories = 3,000 steps
  • Pecan pie slice: 650 calories = 13,000 steps

Besides taking a walk, other calorie-burning options include playing touch football, signing up for a local 'Turkey Trot,' or visiting your local gym for a vigorous workout before the big meal.

To lower the bar for your no-gain-holiday activity, GlobalFit advises that you also take 'steps' to consume (at least slightly) less:

  • Cook healthily. Chefs, opt for low-fat and no-sugar-added ingredients. Also, seek out recipes that rely on herbs, spices, citrus, nuts, and garlic for flavor rather than butter or cream.
  • Have breakfast. It makes for a healthy start every day, including Thanksgiving. Besides, 'saving room' for the big meal slows your metabolism and makes you more likely to overeat.
  • Use a smaller plate. You'll be less tempted to pile on too much, and it still won't look as if you're depriving yourself.
  • Choose wisely. Eat skinless white meat. Go easy on the added butter; or just skip it if you're using gravy anyway. And pile up on the most simply prepared vegetables (i.e. least sugar, no marshmallows, etc.).
  • Wait for seconds. After 15 minutes, you may realize that you are full after all.
  • Savor dessert. It's tempting to shovel down one slice each of pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and chocolate cake. Instead, choose your favorite (or a sliver of each) and take your time to enjoy every little bite.

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