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September 15, 2008 08:00 ET

Take the Gazelle/Carbonrally Challenge by Repurposing Old Cell Phones

Gazelle Sponsors "Ringtone Revival" Challenge

CAMBRIDGE, MA--(Marketwire - September 15, 2008) - Many people have old and unwanted cell phones that they don't know what to do with; in fact an estimated 15.4 million phones were trashed in 2007 alone(1). Instead of throwing them away, recycling one phone will help eliminate an average of 94 lbs of carbon dioxide emissions. and have joined together to create the Ringtone Revival challenge, a call to action to encourage consumers to make a real impact on cell phone-related CO2 pollution.

Gazelle is an online service that offers a simple way to get cash for -- or responsibly recycle -- used or unwanted consumer electronics such as cell phones. offers individuals and teams a fun, simple and competitive way to measure their impact on climate change. The site regularly poses challenges that entail small personal lifestyle changes. Each challenge translates directly into a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions measured in pounds of CO2. Thousands of individuals and more than 470 teams are now competing.

Since cell phones don't have combustion engines, they don't burn gasoline and release carbon dioxide as waste. Rather, the biggest environmental concern is that they've become semi-disposable. Americans buy roughly 100 million cell phones each year, and the creation and disposal of those phones account for a significant amount of energy used and CO2 released.

"By some estimates, more than 85 percent of cell phones are not at the end of their useful life when consumers decide to get a replacement," said Jason Karas, founder of "Through simple services like Gazelle, those phones can either be delivered to new users or appropriately dismantled and recycled. We are delighted to be working with Gazelle to spread the word about the Ringtone Revival challenge and highlight the positive impact our communities can have on cell phone-related waste."

The Ringtone Revival challenge simply asks consumers to help reduce CO2 pollution by giving new life to unwanted cell phones. The challenge encourages people to donate, recycle or sell their phones instead of throwing them away or letting them sit in a junk drawer. For each cell phone removed from a participant's house or dorm, an average of 94 lbs of CO2 emissions is eliminated. Once this challenge is accepted, they move up in the Carbonrally competition by 94 lbs and are able to see the combined impact of thousands of others taking action to save energy and reduce global warming.

"Cell phones, laptops, and MP3 players are the most popular categories of gadgets that we buy, which translates into thousands of repurposed gadgets every month," said Rousseau Aurelien, Founder & CEO of Second Rotation, the company behind Gazelle. "We're excited to support a movement that's raising awareness around this critical and growing problem by providing a fast, easy, and trusted solution."

To learn more about this challenge and others visit and visit for more details on earning cash for unwanted gadgets.

(1) Consumer Electronic Association, "Trends in CE Reuse, Recycle and Removal" (January 2008, p. 7)


Founded in 2006, Second Rotation, the company behind Gazelle (, is committed to providing an easy, fast and safe way for consumers to get cash for selling back their used consumer electronic(s) and/or recycle them in an environmentally-friendly way. To date, thousands of consumers have used the service as a way to successfully clean out their closets, get cash and even help out a good cause -- all while being green. In addition, empowers consumers to avoid time consuming and risky online experiences that are a pain in the neck and benefit from the immediate insight that a fixed price for used items gives them -- as well as conveniences like free shipping and packaging. Consumers also rest assured that their personal information is kept exactly that -- personal, through a thorough data cleansing process. Based in Boston, Second Rotation is led by a group of successful entrepreneurs and consumer Internet veterans from companies like eBay, BuyerZone and Fairmarket and is backed by premier venture capital firm, Venrock.

About Carbonrally

Based in Cambridge, MA, Carbonrally is a web platform offering individuals and groups a fun, simple and social way to have a measurable impact on climate change. Carbonrally publishes periodic science-based "challenges" which involve personal changes in behavior. The site enumerates the personal CO2 impacts associated with the challenges, and also reports combined scores for teams and the entire community. Through team play, Carbonrally provides a quick and easy program for companies and other groups seeking to engage people in collective climate action. The service is free and available to participants 13 years and older.

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