April 22, 2008 11:27 ET

Take the Soda-Club/Carbonrally Challenge: Curb Your Bottled Drink Habit

Soda-Club Sponsors "Get Off the Bottle" Challenge Through May 31st

CHERRY HILL, NJ--(Marketwire - April 22, 2008) - If you're riding your bike to work, driving a hybrid car, and buying recycled paper and eco-friendly cleaning supplies, what else can you do to help preserve the planet? One of the newest ways to go green -- and save money at the same time -- is by making your own soda and seltzer water with Soda-Club home carbonation machines. Each carbonating bottle can be used for up to three years before replacement, providing an alternative that can remove thousands of containers per capita from the waste stream and greatly reduce energy consumption associated with beverage transportation.

To help encourage consumers to go green with their soda and seltzer enjoyment, Soda-Club is sponsoring's Get Off the Bottle challenge through May 31st, 2008. offers individuals and teams a fun, simple and competitive way to have a measurable impact on climate change. The site regularly poses challenges that entail small personal lifestyle changes. Each challenge translates directly into a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions measured in pounds of CO2. More than 150 teams are now competing.

"With the Get Off the Bottle challenge, participants can work together to reduce the energy use and CO2 emissions associated with beverage bottles and transportation," said Jason Karas, founder of "Giving up bottled water or bottled seltzer for just 7 days reduces an individual's CO2 emissions by 3 pounds, and with Soda-Club's sponsorship, we hope to see a record-level of participation in this challenge," added Karas.

Anyone can take this challenge and others at

Soda or Seltzer in 30 Seconds

Soda-Club slashes bottle and can waste with a "green machine" that sits on your kitchen counter right next to your coffee maker. Using water from the kitchen sink and special flavoring, this home carbonation appliance can quench consumers' thirst for soda and seltzer without giving up the convenience, variety or taste of store-bought drinks.

Simply fill the reusable Soda-Club carbonating bottle with tap or filtered water from your faucet, screw it into the machine, press the button, and you'll have soda or sparkling water in 30 seconds. One press creates a few light bubbles; several presses raise the fizz meter as high as you want to go. Special bottle caps with hermetic seals help your beverage stay fizzy longer than the retail variety. And it's fresher too.

If you drink plain seltzer, just pour and enjoy. For soda, simply add a capful of the regular, diet or caffeine-free Soda-Club syrup of your choice. Sodamix flavor options range from cola and cream soda to lemon-lime, root beer, pink grapefruit and cranberry-raspberry. For flavored seltzer, just squeeze in fresh lemons, limes, oranges or berries; add a few drops of Soda-Club's new unsweetened, zero-calorie MyWater Flavor Essences in either orange or lemon-lime; or mix in a quarter-capful of any of Soda-Club's sweetened sodamix flavorings.

Goodbye, Garbage

If Soda-Club makers are used to make just half of the soda or seltzer the average American consumer drinks in a year, a family of four can reduce their use of throwaway single-serve beverage containers by more than 1,000 every year. That volume of Soda-Club-made soda would require just 36 bottles of sodamix concentrate, yielding a net savings of well over 950 discarded bottles and cans that would otherwise wind up in garbage cans and recycling bins and have to be replaced by newly manufactured containers. This can dramatically lessen the environmental impact of store-bought beverage consumption.

Prices for Soda-Club starter kits begin under $100, including a seltzer/soda-making machine and related supplies. Soda-Club sodamix concentrate costs $3.99-4.99 for a bottle that sweetens the equivalent of 36 cans of soda. MyWater Flavor Essences sell for $5.99 per 50-serving bottle.

About Soda-Club

Soda-Club USA, based in Cherry Hill, NJ, is a subsidiary of Soda-Club Enterprises, an international company with headquarters and manufacturing in Israel. Established in 1991, Soda-Club is the largest manufacturer of home soda makers in the world, serving over 10 million customers in 18 countries worldwide. Soda-Club's mission is to provide consumers with a high-quality range of products and services that enable them to conveniently prepare a wide variety of sparkling beverages at home. For more information, visit or call 1-800-SODACLUB.

About Carbonrally

Based in Cambridge, MA, Carbonrally is a web platform offering individuals and groups a fun, simple and social way to have a measurable impact on climate change. Carbonrally publishes periodic science-based "challenges" which involve personal changes in behavior. The site enumerates the personal CO2 impacts associated with the challenges, and also reports combined scores for teams and the entire community. Through team play, Carbonrally provides a quick and easy program for companies and other groups seeking to engage people in collective climate action. The service is free and available to participants 13 years and older.

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