Canon Canada Inc.

Canon Canada Inc.

December 06, 2007 10:45 ET

Taking Great Shots of a Winter Wonderland

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Dec. 6, 2007) - The winter seasons brings many opportunities for capturing great moments. From holiday festivities to snow covered imagery, winter is the perfect time to use your digital camera and capture shots of this year's Winter Wonderland.

However, for those Canadians unwrapping a new digital camera this season, they should keep in mind that the winter season can wreak havoc on your camera, especially if you're taking a lot of photographs outdoors, in sub-zero conditions.

"Most digital cameras are built to withstand cold temperatures but there are still a few key factors to keep in mind when shooting in the winter months," comments Neil Stephenson from the consumer imaging group at Canon Canada. "Our Canadian winters offer plenty of amazing photo opportunities. The user just has to be ready to work within those conditions."

Here are five key tips to make the most of your outdoor photographs this winter:

- Like you and I, your digital camera needs time to adjust when moving from the frigid outdoors to a warm indoor environment. As a result, it's best to give your camera a few minutes to adapt before you begin taking snapshots indoors. You should also avoid breathing directly on your camera when outdoors, as moisture can cause a thing layer of ice to form over the unit.

- The cold weather can have a negative impact on your camera's battery and greatly reduce its lifespan. When not in use, it's best to always stash your camera in a warm, secure pocket or purse to preserve both the battery life and the camera itself.

- A snow-covered landscape can be breathtaking in person but often doesn't translate well as a still image. Add spice and some life to your winter shots by framing the photo around a colourful object. Shooting from multiple angles can also help maximize the impact your picture will make.

- Lighting conditions in the winter are tricky because the sun's rays reflect off the snow and can leave a harsh reflection in pictures. For great winter pictures, try snapping photos at dawn and dusk. Taking pictures during these times can yield shots with spectacular imagery because the snow will amplify the warm chromatics of the scene.

- Many digital cameras, such as Canon's PowerShot line, now come equipped with special Snow shooting modes that will adjust exposure and performance levels to match winter conditions. By using this mode, your camera will compensate for winter's unique lighting conditions and allow you to capture beautiful and picturesque shots.

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