April 26, 2012 04:00 ET

Taking Steps to Fight 'Sewer Abuse'

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - April 26, 2012) - 'Sewer abuse' is on the increase and is becoming a real problem for local authorities and water companies. So much so, that Thames Water recently warned its customers that abuse of this kind would not be tolerated.

Thames Water spokesperson, Rob Smith said: "Every year we spend £12m clearing blockages, most of which are caused by sewer abuse - food fat, and other sewer 'no-no's like wet wipes and sanitary items being wrongly washed down drains." The problem is particularly bad in cities such as London with its Victorian sewerage system.

A minority of people severely abuse the sewer system, treating it as a rubbish bin for unwanted items, gifts and food. Most of the damage done is unintentional, however, and is caused by those who may not realise the consequences of their actions. So before you next pour the fat from your frying pan down the sink, consider the effect it may have on the sewers. As it cools and hardens, the fat can form blockages, which can lead to localised flooding for you and your neighbours - and all the added worry of environmental pollution, odour and rodent infestation that comes alongside. Ensure that only human waste and toilet tissue is flushed down your toilet, and remember to place all food waste, scraps and cooking fat in your food recycling bin.

As a preventative measure, try speaking to a plumbing specialist such as Dyno-Rod about their drain cleaning and repair services. A professional inspection and drain jetting could help to obliterate any build up of debris, preventing a serious blockage from developing on your property or in the public sewer.

By taking a few small and simple steps, you'll help to reduce the strain placed on our overworked sewerage system, and protect your home from future mishaps.

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