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September 04, 2013 14:00 ET

TalentBrew Platform Becomes First to Tie Content Marketing for Talent Acquisition

Latest Innovations Enable Companies to Associate Content Marketing and Distribution to Current Job Openings While Leading the Way for ROI Measures in Social Media

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Sep 4, 2013) - TMP Worldwide Advertising & Communications, LLC, a leading global tech-enabled talent acquisition company, announced today the enhanced functionality of its TalentBrew recruiting platform. Through a series of recent innovations and software enhancements, individual job postings can now be associated with distributed content marketing techniques. When paired with TMP brand strategy and creative, this end-to-end content marketing and social media solution provides clients with an unparalleled advantage in the market via the ability to distribute compelling content, which will both maximize the effectiveness of job postings and strengthen the employer brand.

TMP continues to lead and help employers adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape by enhancing the very way that candidates can be reached across the web's multiple destinations. The company's new software functionality allows for strategic content marketing strategies -- which consists of the curation and generation of news, advice, stories and other information that target candidates may find valuable -- to be paired with job openings and talent community engagement. These additions will allow candidates to easily absorb, learn more and share not only the content itself, but also the related job opportunities.

As the overall strategic plan creation and generation/curation of content is an increasingly complex challenge, TMP provides services to assist clients in every aspect of the solution. Each piece of content is associated with specific job categories or locations -- allowing for the easy grouping with up-to-date, related job openings. The content is then distributed to owned and social destinations, and made available on both the mobile and desktop through the TalentBrew platform, ensuring that the information is available regardless of the device the candidate is using.

The end result is not only a content strategy aimed at both active and passive job seekers, but also new ways to measure the effects and expenditure of social strategies and content marketing by tying the efforts to candidate conversions such as applications, hires and talent community growth and engagement.

"This is a new era in talent acquisition. We understand that our next great employees are on the web, they are consumers of content, and they can be reached via social media by providing information that is interesting to them, wherever they are," said Michelle Abbey, President & CEO of TMP Worldwide. "Our TalentBrew platform is the first to truly tie content marketing to talent acquisition."

The latest version of TalentBrew is available now. More information about TalentBrew can be accessed at

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