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September 16, 2008 10:12 ET

Taleo Introduces Talent Grid: Cloud Computing for Talent Management

Applications, Content and Exchanges Enabled by Open On-Demand Platform

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - September 16, 2008) - TaleoWORLD -- Taleo Corporation (NASDAQ: TLEO), the leading provider of on-demand talent management solutions, introduced its cloud computing strategy, the Talent Grid, to a sold-out assembly of its global customers, partners and industry influencers at its annual customer user conference today. The Talent Grid, built on Taleo's on-demand application platform, will deliver the infrastructure and resources to power organizations' future talent needs.

A company's talent continues to be its single largest asset and its single largest expense, and is the difference between success and failure for most companies. Taleo is defining the future of talent management, so that companies of all sizes can leverage and utilize talent to directly drive business performance. Taleo is soliciting the help and expertise of customers and partners to join it in creating software, tools, services and communities to enable the future of talent management.

Businesses are increasingly purchasing information technology such as software, computing power and storage from on-demand providers whose delivery model is called Cloud Computing. Taleo is a pioneer in on-demand software for recruiting, and more recently, for performance management and compensation. Today, the company outlined its Cloud Computing vision, the Taleo Talent Grid, offering a robust set of products, solutions, services, exchanges and communities that can all be accessed via one ecosystem, on-demand, available whenever, wherever and on whatever device needed.

The Taleo Talent Grid

The Talent Grid is analogous to the power grid that powers our homes, charges our cell phones, and keeps our economy running smoothly. For businesses, the Talent Grid provides the infrastructure and resources to power an organization's main source of innovation and execution: its talent. Companies who plug into the Talent Grid get all the benefits of Taleo and its ecosystem of partners and customers.

Taleo's industry leading talent management solution provides the technical foundation and critical mass for the Talent Grid:

--  A unified talent management solution
--  100 million candidates
--  500,000 new requisitions per quarter
--  2.5 million users
--  3,600 customers around the world
--  50 partners and service providers

The Talent Grid will be populated by third party solutions such as background checks, assessments and salary data, as well as content from customers' talent pools, social networks, talent management best practices and successful methodologies. Combined, this will offer anyone who plugs into the grid the ability to radically change and improve the way they assess, acquire, engage and retain their talent to drive business performance. For example:

--  More rational recruiting. The current practice of recruiting is often
    inefficient. First a job is available, then we think about who could fill
    it. The Talent Grid can turn this around by leveraging internal and
    external networks, and a wider range of sourcing engines and tools, to
    effortlessly identify people with the key attributes for success in your
    business as a job is posted.
--  Keeping score on your talent. Would you like to know how your talent
    measures up to their peers elsewhere?  Taleo has over 3,600 customers, all
    tracking employee performance by a large number of metrics. The Talent Grid
    can give access to that aggregate information and let you analyze and
    compare not just an employee, but also a whole department, company or
--  Fact-based compensation: With Talent Grid, you can show an employee or
    candidate what the job is really worth in real time, helping to ensure you
    do not over pay or lose an employee due to dated, uncompetitive
    compensation metrics.

"At Taleo, we are consumed by a passion to drive business performance through talent management," said Michael Gregoire, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "We, along with our customers and partners, have accomplished much with the first generation of Talent Management. But, with the widespread adoption of the internet and mobile devices, we see the potential for Talent Management to fundamentally transform, much like information delivery, commerce and communications have transformed with these advancements. We're joining forces with customers and partners to define and populate a Talent Grid that will empower businesses of all sizes to transform their workforces with predictive visibility, comparative measures and metrics, better productivity and, ultimately, greater business performance."

Talent Grid Key Components and News

The talent grid is made up of the following components:

Taleo Products. At the foundation of the Talent Grid are Taleo's applications: Taleo Recruiting and Taleo Performance for the Enterprise and, for the small and medium business (SMB) market, Taleo Business Edition Recruit and Taleo Business Edition Perform.

--  Compensation Management Solution. Today, Taleo announced a strategic
    investment in Worldwide Compensation, Inc. This adds robust, global
    compensation capabilities to Taleo's core set of enterprise solutions,
    helping companies implement true "pay-for-performance," and linking the
    bottom line to each employee's goals and measurements.

Taleo Platform. Key to enabling the Talent Grid is the Taleo Platform which was created and evolved to be open for enterprise and SMB customers to configure as they need. The platform ties Taleo applications together with reporting, analytics, integration and a set of web services that make it easy for customers and partners to access the Talent Grid, extend talent management processes and exchange content and services. New components include:

--  Taleo Anywhere is a set of capabilities that enable increased access
    to the Talent Grid through virtually any channel, including mobile devices
    like Blackberry and smart phones, desktop productivity tools like Microsoft
    Exchange and Internet Explorer, and social networks such as Facebook.
--  Manager Webtop access allows customers to use any element of this
    popular recruitment process tracking tool where ever needed; for
    example embedding within internal corporate portals.
--  Career Portal access gives customers more flexibility in creating
    powerful hiring brands and improving candidate matching for open positions.
--  Integrated Platform access improves productivity via further
    integration with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Google Applications, as
    well as data and analytic content like industry benchmark information (i.e.
    salary benchmarks, job board performance, etc.)

My Taleo: the "Front Page" to the Talent Grid provides a centralized, customizable view into all products, services, exchanges and communities plugged into the Talent Grid.

Taleo Marketplaces. The widespread use of Taleo's products creates strong network effects, and will power another aspect of the Talent Grid: dynamic marketplaces of products, solutions and ideas, including:

--  Solutions Exchange. Taleo's large ecosystem of partners offers a
    highly diverse set of products and services including sourcing, compliance,
    tax credit screening and background checks, to name a few.  Taleo's
    Solution Exchange provides a marketplace where all partner solutions can be
    evaluated, rated by users, downloaded and activated.  These solutions and
    services complement and extend the value of Taleo's products.
--  Talent Exchange. The Taleo Talent Exchange is a virtual talent
    database of passive and active candidates around the world connected
    through social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, and the opt-in Taleo
    Talent Network where Taleo's 100 million candidates can share their
    universal talent profiles with prospective employers on the Talent Grid.
    Through the Talent Exchange, companies can publish and promote the half a
    million new jobs that they post every quarter through Taleo.
--  Knowledge Exchange. Taleo Knowledge Exchange brings together Talent
    Management best practices, metrics, methodologies and domain expertise from
    customers and experts in dozens of industries around the world. Taleo's
    user community consists of 2.5 million talent management practitioners who
    are shaping tomorrow's talent management best practices and solutions. The
    Knowledge Exchange is an online community that will facilitate their
    ability to share and discuss a wide range of talent management topics.


Effective today, Taleo Anywhere, web services for Taleo's Manager Webtop and the Solutions Exchange are all available from Taleo. Also available and integrated with Taleo's applications is the Global Compensation Planning System from WorldWide Compensation, Inc. Taleo Business Edition Perform for SMBs will be available in November. All other products, web services and exchanges referenced here are in development and expected in 2009.

About Taleo

Taleo (NASDAQ: TLEO) is the leader in on demand unified talent management solutions that empowers organizations of all sizes to assess, acquire, develop and align their workforce for improved business performance. More than 3,600 organizations use Taleo for talent acquisition and performance management, including 47 of the Fortune 500 and more than 2,900 small and medium sized businesses, across 200 countries and territories. Known for its strong configurability and usability, Taleo's talent management platform runs on a world-class infrastructure and offers 99.9% availability.

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