September 14, 2010 06:00 ET

Taleo Launches Enterprise Analytics™; Advances Talent Intelligence

Industry's First, Pre-Built On-Demand Solution Maximizes Talent Investments

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - September 14, 2010) -  TALEO WORLD -- Taleo Corporation (NASDAQ: TLEO), the leading provider of on-demand talent management solutions, today announced a new and expanded version of Taleo Analytics™ the industry's first, pre-built on-demand solution that powers strategic talent intelligence by aggregating information across workforce data silos. The solution provides executives, line managers, and HR teams the visibility they need to optimize the workforce and drive business impact through their talent management processes. 

As CEOs look for new growth, they are recognizing the criticality of garnering better insight across all areas of their businesses -- particularly across their biggest asset, their people. A global survey of executives in May showed that 75% reported that they lacked the insight they needed on their staff to drive their key business initiatives.1 Today's news helps companies address that "talent intelligence gap."

"The business value of embedded analytics makes business processes both more profitable and more responsive to customer needs," said Jeff Woods, Research VP, Gartner. "Technology vendors are now challenged not only to help their customers execute business transactions, but to provide context and insight that enables the business to bring its insight to all decisions -- from tactical to strategic."

Taleo Analytics offers a pre-built, on demand talent data warehouse that can be deployed in a matter of hours, instead of months. Unlike other legacy solutions which require extensive IT involvement and long implementation cycles, Taleo Analytics™, through its Metrics Configurator™ tool, enables HR executives and managers to quickly define and deploy customized talent metrics. Taleo Analytics™ offers built-in snapshot technology that enables users to get visibility into talent trends over time.

Also, with Taleo's integration capabilities, companies can aggregate all of their talent information, regardless of original source. Taleo Analytics™ features embedded dashboards that allow companies to get a real-time look at the people resources they have -- and ones that they need -- to drive business initiatives such as geographic expansion, new product introduction, improving customer satisfaction, and harnessing innovation for growth. Taleo Analytics™ enables businesses to:

Monitor and anticipate trends

  • Monitor internal and external talent pipelines for critical positions and adjust sourcing strategy and workflow to staff these positions quickly.
  • View progress metrics like "performance review completion rate" to ensure talent strategies are successfully executed.
  • Gain visibility into "risk of loss" metrics to predict turnover of critical employees.

Identify and minimize risk

  • Assess bench strength trends to ensure high performance on strategic initiatives. 
  • Proactively monitor factors that drive turnover to retain critical talent.
  • Calculate "goal completion" and "goal alignment" metrics to ensure timely progress on strategic goals. 
  • Identify compliance risk through customized dashboards.

Capitalize on opportunities

  • Improve quality of hiring by correlating performance profiles with hiring source, identifying high quality sources, and then using this insight to define hiring strategies.
  • Optimize training budgets by focusing on developing skills that drive high performance.
  • Gain clear visibility into talent inventory to identify key skills gaps and ensure future success by build a strong leadership pipeline.

The new end-to-end analytics solution was developed over four years of work with Taleo customers on advanced analytics for measuring the impact of recruiting in their business. With today's news, companies can find and to make the necessary adjustments to all of their talent strategies, helping them grow their businesses.

"I really like the direction Taleo is taking with Taleo Analytics, as it is in line with the kinds of insights we are looking to leverage as part of our people strategy," said Larry Mohl, Vice President and Chief Learning Officer at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. "The problem we are trying to solve is how to easily pull together data from different processes that leads to better analysis and decision making. Taleo's approach could help us more quickly get to the 'so what' in the data and a targeted plan of action. That would be very powerful." Children's is a long-time customer of Taleo and has been on Fortune's "Best Places to Work" top 100 for the past five years.

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1 HCI and Taleo Research, May, 2010

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