May 24, 2010 06:00 ET

Taleo Research Finds Executives Have Less Than 25% of the "Talent Intelligence" They Need to Plan and Manage Growth

DUBLIN, CA--(Marketwire - May 24, 2010) -  Taleo Corporation (NASDAQ: TLEO), the leading provider of on-demand talent management solutions, today announced results of U.S. research it conducted with the Human Capital Institute that signals a significant gap between the 'talent intelligence' required by organizations to steer their growth initiatives and the limited insight that they can currently access.

As CEOs look for new ways to re-invent and grow their businesses, it will be crucial to identify, attract and keep top talent. Yet, while most businesses know their employees' titles, salaries and benefits packages, few have visibility into the past achievements, skills, aspirations, performance and potential of their staff. This "Talent Intelligence" visibility is key to effectively plan and manage growth. In this volatile global economy, Talent Intelligence can make the difference between innovation and obsolescence, growth and stasis, market leaders and market laggards.

In fact, the HCI and Taleo Research survey found that all companies desire greater intelligence about their staff, but very few have access to the perspective they need today. Additionally, from 352 companies surveyed:

  • All companies (100%) want to understand the correlation between the quality of their current staff versus initial assessments when hired. However, only 17% of these organizations have access to reliable data.
  • 99% want to see the gap between job requirements and actual staff skills, but only 21% have access to reliable data.
  • 99% want to understand the level of "flight risk" of their top performers but only 23% have visibility and confidence in the data from their current systems.

Business and HR leaders polled by Taleo report that engaging and retaining top talent is a critical priority. Further, they say that losing a few key people in business critical roles can be "catastrophic" to an organization. For example, a 2009 CSO Insights study showed, 62% of sales revenue is generated by the top 20% of sales reps.

"Businesses typically burn tremendous calories in their efforts to hire employees -- but they can't afford to let their talent management efforts stop there," Michael Gregoire, Chairman and CEO of Taleo. "Talent Intelligence empowers organizations to better understand what their people have accomplished, are accomplishing and could accomplish. This insight is key to engaging people in their work and building for growth."

Here is more information on Taleo's Talent Intelligence research. 

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Taleo (NASDAQ: TLEO) is the leader in on-demand talent management solutions that empower organizations of all sizes to better understand and engage their best talent for improved business performance. More than 4,500 organizations use Taleo for talent acquisition, performance and compensation management, including 49 of the Fortune 100 across 200 countries and territories. Taleo also empowers Talent Intelligence through its Talent Grid set of cloud exchanges connecting customers, partners and candidates. Known for its strong configurability and usability, Taleo runs on a world-class cloud infrastructure and offers 99.9% availability

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