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December 29, 2010 08:00 ET

Talisman Holdings Positioned for Explosive Corporate Expansion

SPRINGFIELD, OH--(Marketwire - December 29, 2010) - Talisman Holdings, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: TMHO) ( is a dynamic company that is implementing an accelerated growth strategy. Talisman is growing its asset base by acquiring interests in a diverse group of companies. The Company has a number of promising negotiations underway, and is in advanced talks with several candidates that would afford exceptional revenue and profit potential.

Talisman presently owns two subsidiaries:

Advanced Organic Products Worldwide, Inc. (AOP),

The issue of escalating food prices is a matter of global concern. We are simply not growing enough food to keep up with world demand. Given the fact that there is only so much land, the only solution is enhanced efficiency with respect to production. IN OTHER WORDS, WITHOUT FERTILIZER, THE GAME IS OVER.

AOP, with its technology partner, has answered the call and developed a unique, proprietary enzymatic process for the conversion of fish remains into organic, protein-rich liquid fertilizer which is superior to anything on the market.

The fertilizer industry is huge. It is estimated that the size of the worldwide fertilizer is 175,000,000 metric tomes and has a staggering value figure of $150,000,000,000.

This aggressive company is poised to carve out a chunk of that market, where even a small segment of the market amounts to substantial sales.

Chef Selections, Inc.

Chef Selections is creating a market niche in the gigantic food and beverage industry, which is a $650 billion per year business in the U.S. The fastest growing segment of the industry is specialty food sales.

Chef Selections is a unique company that searches out the finest of regional and international culinary treasures. America has a rich and vast culinary heritage because we are a blend of races and cultures with diverse food interests. There are thousands of small, high quality producers creating wonderful foods around this country, many with stories more interesting than any creative writer could invent. Most of these superlative food makers are unknown outside their immediate city or region. Chef Selections has created a tasting adventure that gives one a chance to experience a variety of the products resulting from this wonderful mix. We travel the back roads in our search for exceptional food finds. Chef Selections seeks out small food producers where people are passionate about their product and you can taste their heart and soul in every bite. The result is food with character because the people who create it love what they do.

This Company has developed its sales strategies and will commence marketing in the immediate future.

In addition to these established core companies, Talisman expects to announce entry into these exciting fields in the near future.


The company is in the final stages of negotiation for gold properties located in the South America countries of Guyana and Peru. Both countries are well known gold-producing countries with plenty of untapped reserves. With the price of gold continuously marching higher with no end in sight, the Company feels that this industry would make a good strategic fit on a going forward basis. The long-term fundamentals for gold are increasing exponentially, and a number of the targeted properties are already in production.

Secondary Oil Recovery:

Talisman is involved in revolutionary technology for the extraction and production of heavy oil. It is estimated that 2/3 of the oil contained in U.S. reservoirs is left behind because it is too difficult or expensive to extract. Abandoned wells are estimated to hold 377 billion barrels -- more than double the cumulative production to date. The technology to be employed by the Company allows it to focus on producing from these proven oil fields, and bringing those existing "burnt out" wells back into production.

The dependence on heavy oil production is bound to increase -- and heavy oil has more than double the resources of conventional oil, which makes the potential in this arena staggering.

The sky's the limit for this company, which is governed by the motto "Exploitation Not Exploration." History tells us only about 1 of 10 wildcat wells are successful in locating oil. Utilizing the approach of the Company takes the risk out of the equation.

Social Media Technology:

The Company is preparing to partner with recognized experts in a unique niche approach to social media national group buying technology.

The rapid growth capabilities of this company are staggering. For example, recent companies Groupon and Living Social have registered sales in the $350 million range.

Talisman believes its partner company will have a $100 million scalability and that it will be positioned at the forefront of an explosive industry. Catching the crest of a technical approach has always resulted in impressive results.

David Long, Talisman President, said, "We have progressively refined our investment approach so as to focus on astute participation in high growth companies. We expect to make final acquisition announcements in the near future which will create a solid and continuing foundation for growth in shareholder value."

About Talisman Holdings:

Talisman Holdings, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: TMHO) is a highly innovative holding company built on the belief that the world's greatest potential for financial growth lies in emerging companies. Talisman Holdings finds undervalued small and microcap businesses with breakthrough products, services and technologies and delivers the equity, financial guidance, strategic counsel, consulting and business functions they need in order to succeed in the public marketplace. Taking an ownership or equity stake in standout emerging growth companies creates assets and drives shareholder value for Talisman Holdings, and the diversified holding company organizational structure and range of industries provides diversity of risk. For more information please visit Talisman's website at

About Advanced Organic Products Worldwide:

Advanced Organic Products Worldwide (AOP Worldwide), a wholly owned subsidiary of Talisman Holdings, is dedicated to enhancing the value of the Company by becoming a world leader in the safe nourishment of crops, people and the environment. Presently, it is focused on marketing a revolutionary organic fertilizer which is of value to users and the environment. The Company is deeply concerned with global well being. Its future will be linked with earth friendly projects. The spirit of the Company is to be involved with the kind of undertakings that make a difference in everyday life... where creative scientific knowledge is transferred to practical, real world results and benefits. Interested parties are encouraged to visit the corporate website at


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