SOURCE: Mariposa Leadership, Inc.

September 05, 2007 12:50 ET

Talk Is Cheap ... yet Highly Effective

Create Sustainable Change Through Conversations

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - September 5, 2007) - Today's varying business climate requires that leaders keep their companies agile, adaptable, and able to react. The ability to foresee and adjust to constant change has become the measuring stick for leadership effectiveness. So what can leaders do to ensure they make the cut? They can start by simply having a conversation!

Businesses don't need complex and expensive tools and technology to create positive change in the workplace. Instead, leaders simply need to take the time to have the important conversations with the right people. Talk is cheap... but it's also the most effective and efficient way to create results and sustainable change!

Sue Bethanis, Founder/CEO of Mariposa Leadership, Inc., states that, "Conversations are highly effective because they are action and they create action. Action drives change, and change drives progress." She goes on to add that, "Effective leadership is about having meaningful conversations that create, capture, and disperse knowledge. In many ways, you are who you talk with."

Sue shares three reasons why having constant conversations is critical for today's leaders.

-- Conversations capture the collective wisdom, diverse perspectives, and intellectual capital of your workforce. Tapping this knowledge pool can be incredibly powerful.

-- By cross-pollinating and combining ideas and knowledge from a variety of sources, new ideas and ways of thinking emerge that were previously unavailable. Also, the more people participate in the process, the more invested they are in the outcomes. Buy-in creates sustainability and sustainability is what business is all about.

-- Conversations define organizational culture. The metaphors we use become the very artifacts that both represent and sustain a culture.

Conversations are the cheapest, easiest, and most efficient way to ignite new ways of thinking, harvest available knowledge, and coach to sustain the desired vision. The power of a simple conversation could be one of the best kept leadership secrets. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start chatting!

Susan J. Bethanis, Ed.D., is the Founder/CEO of Mariposa Leadership, Inc., author of Leadership Chronicles of a Corporate Sage, and host of the popular leadership forum Wise Talk.

Mariposa Leadership, Inc. offers premier leadership coaching services to high-tech, biotech, and financial industries.

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