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March 11, 2008 10:00 ET

TalkShoe Launches Facebook Application Allowing Users to Talk Live With Up to 250 of Their Friends

Simple Integration With Facebook Profiles Allows Users to Host Community Calls Anytime

PITTSBURGH, PA--(Marketwire - March 11, 2008) - TalkShoe, the community call leader, today revealed a new Facebook application that offers instant community calling capabilities within anyone's Facebook profile. The TalkShoe Facebook application brings voice into Facebook, providing users with an easy way to talk to their social network.

Visit to download the application now.

There is no need to sign-up with TalkShoe; Facebook users simply download the application to integrate it into their profile and can immediately start inviting friends, inside and outside Facebook, to join them on a Community Call.

For TalkShoe hosts, integrating the application with their Facebook profiles provides a new place to host their planned community call episodes and provide updates on future episodes, while reaching a broader audience.

To celebrate the Facebook application launch, TalkShoe's CEO, Dave Nelsen, will be hosting a meet-up in San Francisco tonight for TalkShoe users from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Varnish Fine Art. For last minute registration, sign up here:

News Highlights:

--  FaceBook TalkShoe call hosts can:
    -- Talk live with up to 250 friends about any topic.
    -- Keep calls private or list them so other Facebook members can
       join in as well.
    -- Have full control to determine when recording starts and when
       participants are muted.
    -- Publish their call details on blogs, message boards or anywhere
       else on the web and even non-Facebook and non-Talkshoe members
       can join in with one click, even if they were not invited to the
--  Key TalkShoe Facebook Application features:
    -- Facebook users can conduct live community calls and join live
       calls with embedded text chat from within Facebook.
    -- When they are not dialed into the community call, friends can
       listen in and text as the call is streamed to their computer.
    -- All calls can be recorded and saved as podcasts or in a call
       series for anyone who missed a call to listen later.
    -- Anyone in the world can join a community call using any phone or
       VoIP service via the website.
--  All TalkShoe functionality is embedded within Facebook:
    -- No need to ever go to to sign up, schedule, create
       or even run the call.  Everything can be done directly from
       within the Facebook profile.
    -- TalkShoe Facebook application users have access to all of the
       tens of thousands of live or previously recorded TalkShoe calls
       directly from Facebook on every topic imaginable.
    -- Users can follow any call so it is booked marked in their "My
       Calls" section.
    -- Like TalkShoe, the application is free of charge.


Attributed to Dave Nelsen, President and CEO, TalkShoe

"In the era of social communities where we rely on typed messaging to stay up to date on the lives and activities of members of our social networks, we have lost sight of the power of a voice conversation. By allowing Facebook users to integrate TalkShoe community calls into their profiles, we are empowering them to connect on a deeper level with their communities while preserving the convenience and simplicity of their social networking experience."

Attributed to Justine Ezarik, blogger and TalkShoe Facebook application user

"As a new media enthusiast and avid Facebook user, I am always on the lookout for ways to engage my community on a deeper level. The TalkShoe Facebook application lets me add a whole new dimension to my social networks because I can easily and instantly invite both Facebook and non-Facebook users to join my community calls."

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TalkShoe community calling integrates the power of group voice into your online networks to establish a deeper connection. Community calling uses the phone, cell phone or VoIP to enable group conversations between anyone, anywhere, anytime, allowing people to host and record interactive community calls on any topic. TalkShoe community calling integrates seamlessly with your already established social networks including Facebook, Meebo, and Ning. To learn more about how TalkShoe uses the power of peoples' voices to establish deeper and more meaningful relationships with your communities visit us at or +1 724-935-TALK (8255).

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