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May 24, 2017 07:50 ET

Talon Metals Update: Drill Results Received for the 480, 221 and 164 Zones at Tamarack

ROAD TOWN, BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS--(Marketwired - May 24, 2017) - Talon Metals Corp. ("Talon" or the "Company") (TSX: TLO) is pleased to provide an update on the Tamarack Nickel-Copper-PGE project ("Tamarack Project"), located in Minnesota, USA. The Tamarack Project comprises the Tamarack North Project and the Tamarack South Project. Talon owns an 18.45% interest in the Tamarack Project.

Final Drill Results from the 2017 Tamarack Winter Exploration Program (480 Zone)

During the 2017 Tamarack winter exploration program, 11 holes were drilled to target depth, as shown in Figure 1. This press release concludes the reporting of results from the Tamarack winter exploration program.

Drill hole 17TK0262 targeted a downhole electro-magnetic ("DHEM") anomaly to the north of drill hole 17TK0255. Prior to any drilling in this area, Talon modeled the Coarse Grained Peridotite ("CGO") from gravity and magnetic data, which predicted a gradual widening of the CGO to the north of drill hole 17TK0255. The results, as shown in Figure 2, confirm this trend.

No significant Nickel-Copper-PGE mineralization was intercepted in drill hole 17TK0262.

Drill hole 17TK0263 targeted a DHEM anomaly to the north of drill hole 17TK0260. The wide, CGO intercept from 378.6 meters to 535 meters in drill hole 17TK0263 validates the Talon CGO model, which was created from gravity and magnetic data. See Figure 3.

No significant Nickel-Copper-PGE mineralization was intercepted in drill hole 17TK0263.

"The conclusion of the winter exploration program at the Tamarack Project marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Talon," said Sean Werger, President of Talon. "More particularly, Kennecott and Talon have until September 25, 2017 to either negotiate a transaction whereby Talon will purchase Kennecott's interest in the Tamarack Project, or proceed with an 81.55/18.45 joint venture on the Tamarack Project pursuant to a Mining Venture Agreement that has already been negotiated and is ready for signature. We look forward to keeping our shareholders informed as events or decisions unfold."

Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Qualified Person

Please see the technical report entitled "First Independent Technical Report on the Tamarack North Project, Tamarack, Minnesota" dated October 6, 2014 (the "Tamarack North Technical Report") prepared by independent "Qualified Persons" Brian Thomas (P. Geo) of Golder, Paul Palmer (P. Eng) of Golder and Manochehr Oliazadeh Khorakchy (P. Eng) of Hatch Ltd. for information on the QA/QC, analytical and testing procedures employed by Kennecott at the Tamarack Project. Copies are available on the Company's website ( or on SEDAR at ( The laboratory used by Kennecott is ALS Minerals who is independent of Kennecott and the Company.

Lengths are drill intersections and not necessarily true widths. True widths cannot be consistently calculated for comparison purposes between holes because of the irregular shapes of the mineralized zones.

Drill intersections have been independently selected by Talon. Drill composites have been independently calculated by Talon. The geological interpretations in this news release are solely those of the Company.

The locations and distances highlighted on all maps in this news release are approximate.

James McDonald, Vice President, Resource Geology of Talon is a Qualified Person within the meaning of NI 43-101. Mr. McDonald is satisfied that the analytical and testing procedures used are standard industry operating procedures and methodologies, and he has reviewed, approved and verified the technical information disclosed in this news release, including sampling, analytical and test data underlying the technical information.

About Talon

Talon is a TSX-listed company focused on the exploration and development of the Tamarack Nickel-Copper-PGE Project in Minnesota, USA (which comprises the Tamarack North Project and the Tamarack South Project). The Company has a well-qualified exploration and mine management team with extensive experience in project management.

Table 1: Collar Locations for Holes from the 2017 Winter Exploration Program
Hole ID  Easting (m)  Northing (m)  Elevation
 Azm  Dip  End
17TK0252  491731.7  5172936.7  390.4  340.9  -84.4  228.0
17TK0253*  489828.4  5172375.7  387.0  90.0  -84.0  69.2
17TK0254  492144.2  5170779.7  390.1  354.5  -84.3  579.9
17TK0255  489828.4  5172375.6  387.0  83.5  -85.2  687.9
17TK0256  491678.4  5173089.6  391.9  157.2  -75.7  324.6
17TK0257  491383.1  5172898.3  389.9  60.1  -84.3  242.0
17TK0258  491791.5  5173050.6  393.6  358.8  -75.5  212.8
17TK0259  490903.8  5167285.0  386.9  313.0  -74.9  691.6
17TK0260  490566.4  5171653.8  385.5  350.5  -84.8  582.6
17TK0261  490698.3  5170062.9  388.0  98.3  -85.1  596.8
17TK0262**  489828.3  5172376.5  401.0  21.9  -83.5  660.8
17TK0263  490553.0  5171757.0  385.7  245.5  -89.8  579.7
Collar coordinates are Professionally Surveyed (UTM Zone 15N, NAD83) unless otherwise noted.
*Hole Lost. Planned collar azm/dip used
** Measured by Differential GPS
Table 2: Assay Results from the 2017 Winter Exploration Program
Zone  Hole ID  FROM
 % Cu  % Ni  % Co  Pt g/t  Pd g/t  Au g/t
480  17TK0252           NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM
 17TK0256           NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM
 17TK0257           NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM
 17TK0258           NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM
221 N and NW  17TK0254           NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM
 17TK0261           NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM
164 Zone  17TK0259           NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM
480 Zone  17TK0253           Abandoned and re-drilled (17TK0255)
 17TK0255           NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM
 17TK0260           NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM
 17TK0262           NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM
 17TK0263           NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM  NSM
Length: refers to borehole length and not True Width. True Width is unknown at the time of Publication.
NSM: No Significant Mineralization
All samples were analysed by ALS Minerals. Nickel, copper, and cobalt grades were first analysed by a 4 acid digestion and ICP AES (ME-MS61).Grades reporting greater than 0.25% Ni and/or 0.1% Cu, using ME-MS61, trigger a sodium peroxide fusion with ICP-AES finish (ICP81). Platinum, palladium and gold are initially analyzed by a 50g fire assay with an ICP-MS finish (PGM-MS24). Any samples reporting >1g/t Pt or Pd trigger an over-limit analysis by ICP-AES finish (PGM-ICP27) and any samples reporting >1g/t Au trigger an over-limit analysis by AAS (Au-AA26).

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