July 24, 2014 09:04 ET

TandemNSI Produces New White Paper to Accelerate the Engagement of Entrepreneurs With National Security Challenges

White Paper Focuses on Successful Engagements Between National Security Agencies and Non-Traditional Performers and Asks for Accelerated Activities

ARLINGTON, VA--(Marketwired - Jul 24, 2014) - TandemNSI, a public/private-funded partnership between Amplifier Ventures and Arlington Economic Development, with funding from the Commonwealth of Virginia, today released a new white paper, intended to bring awareness to realities of twenty-first century national security challenges and the necessary of engaging with individuals and small businesses not currently part of the national security establishment, otherwise referred to as "non-traditional performers," to address them. Titled, Building a Bigger Tent for Technology Innovators: The Government is More Creative Than You Think, the white paper illustrates how national security agencies have adopted a number of experimental approaches to this national security problem and advocates for broader adoption of these and other approaches to tap an essential national asset. 

The realities of creating and developing technology in the twenty-first century jeopardize the United States' ability to deter and respond to threats to national security. These challenges can often be overcome if national security agencies engage with non-traditional performers, individuals and companies that traditionally are entrepreneurial, fast moving and in many cases are advancing technology development at speeds that outperform research and products available to the national security agencies from traditional sources. 

"National security agencies have tried -- and been successful in some instances -- to engage non-traditional performers," said Jonathan Aberman, founder and managing director of TandemNSI. "In today's world advanced technology is more widely available, more sophisticated and in many cases cheaper to acquire than ever before. To continue to meet the US's security challenges and maintain our economic primacy the national security establishment must dramatically change how it interacts with the part of our economy where rapid innovation most often occurs -- with nontraditional performers. The rules of the road must be changed, to make it easier and more compelling for this engagement to occur." 

"National security agencies haven't solved this problem to date, and it's important to our country, and particularly to this region, that we do," added Mike Daniels, Amplifier Ventures board of advisor member and chairman, Invincea. "What TandemNSI has set out to do is ambitious and bold. This white paper delineates how big this problem has become and offers insights into how to fix it."

Building a Bigger Tent for Technology Innovators: The Government is More Creative Than You Think is based on the collective knowledge and experience of TandemNSI leadership and advisors, and interviews and insight gained from interactions with government agencies through the TandemNSI initative. The white paper strives to facilitate conversations both inside and outside of the national security establishment to ensure that the U.S. utilizes a precious national security asset: the creativity and ambition of nontraditional performers.

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TandemNSI brings together the resources of Amplifier Ventures and the infrastructure and support of Arlington Economic Development. Many of the industries that have driven growth in the US since 1945 -- including GPS, the Internet, semiconductors, voice recognition, big data analysis and advanced biomechanics -- were founded by commercializing technology from national security agencies based in Arlington, VA. Amplifier Ventures has worked with DARPA, DOD Labs, Army, Air Force, DHS, DOE and many leading universities to create emerging technology companies and promote higher engagement between entrepreneurs and national security research and development. For more information, or to ask how to get involved, please visit:

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