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November 05, 2013 09:00 ET

Tanke, Incorporated Provides Corporate Update

Focus Is on Increasing Its Asset Base in Environmental Technologies

ST. LOUIS, MO--(Marketwired - Nov 5, 2013) - Tanke, Incorporated (OTC Pink: TNKE) (the "Company"), a diversified holding company focused on emerging technologies and 'Cleantech' is pleased to provide this update to its shareholders and the investment community. This release includes information about the Company's plans and announcement of new corporate strategy developments.

The focus of the Company is in environmental technologies ('Cleantech'), a growing market which is estimated to reach $396 billion by 2021 according to Clean Edge[1]. The Company's mission is to develop, manage and finance emerging companies in high growth industries using an asset acquisition model.

Tanke believes that globalization and the emergence of Asia and other markets strains natural resources, water, energy and food, and as a result, environmental technologies is at the forefront of the new paradigm shift in usage of resources. 

We have, in 2013 to date, implemented many of the steps establish Tanke as a leader in the growing environmental and emerging market space. Notably, the acquisition of a Master License and 3 other nonexclusive licenses from E-Waste Systems, Inc. were combined with investment into Tanke. This investment adds to our portfolio of water technologies assets, specifically The Triple R Water recycling technology, Re:Water™ Hotel and Re:Water™ Dry Kitchen under the Re:Water™ Brand. We are redoubling our efforts to create a portfolio of assets and companies in this growing environmental market and to aggressively pursue opportunities that can grow our shareholders' value.

Tanke's strategy is to enter other segments of the general environmental market where there are opportunities to discover early stage, immature, inefficient and new environmental segments. The overall environmental services industry has been estimated to be over $33 trillion[2, 3] and "Cleantech" is just a part of it.

Tanke will provide niche services such as financing, management and market development in "Cleantech" segments that includes clean water, air emissions, and ecosystem protection. Tanke's model is to consolidate the company profile through asset acquisitions, which will enable Tanke to grow geometrically in the emerging market.

"We are focusing on proprietary technology deployment, brand promotion and investment in companies that have a global reach. In 2013, we had planned to invest into no less than 3 more environmental and high growth industries. This year we have invested into the eWaste industry. We have plans to enter soon undiscovered industries of high growth. Our team has worked extremely hard this year to build a solid foundation. We expect from this point on to expand rapidly our asset base which is now over $1 million and growing, followed by revenues acceleration," stated Carrie Zhang, CEO of Tanke, Inc.

Ms. Zhang offered these views about the TNKE team and global expansion, "We are attracting an increasing group of professionals, corporate as well as with entrepreneurial talent. We will continue to seek and attract the best people and those companies who share our passion, vision, and knowledge of emerging technologies and 'Cleantech.' We are also cementing our regional footprint in strategic geographies. For example, we have already acquired a Master License and three other licenses to operate in the People's Republic of China, which has solidified and strengthened our foothold there and will be used as our platform to expand throughout Asia, which is the largest and fastest growing market for 'Cleantech.'"

Industry Expansion
The creation of environmental services markets are focused around water quality and quantity control, protection of ecosystems, and air emissions. The common drivers for these markets include: Environmental service functions that are declining or changing, increasing demand for environmental services that performs, increasing conflict over access and demand for new approaches to addressing issues, increasing obstacles to gain license to operate, financial services sectors' increasing recognition, increasing credit of the connection of human health, and growing interest in potential economic efficiency and innovation sharing from market-based approaches.


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About Tanke Incorporated
Tanke is a diversified holding company with the mission to develop, manage and finance emerging companies in high growth industries. Tanke is focused in the development of environmental technologies and "Cleantech" for a wide range of markets such as commercial, industrial and municipal applications. Tanke believes that globalization and the emergence of Asia stresses natural resources, water, energy and food, and environmental technologies will be at the forefront of the new paradigm shift in usage of resources. Through its subsidiaries and affiliates in the world and with its deep experience in China -- the fastest growing emerging market in the world, Tanke seeks to grow through acquisitions, organic growth in the USA and also in the emerging markets. Our holdings consist of: Environmental & Water technologies, eWaste and reverse logistics technologies, and The Triple R Water recycling technology under the Re:Water™ Brand.

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