May 23, 2012 11:31 ET

Tape and Packaging Manufacturer, IPG, Finds Receptive Audience for Social Media Messages

MONTREAL and BRADENTON, FL--(Marketwire - May 23, 2012) - Since ramping up its social media outreach program one year ago, IPG -- a leading manufacturer of industrial and consumer packaging products, tapes, films, and protective coverings -- has seen a dramatic increase in the engagement of stakeholders from the wide variety of industries it serves, as well as the public at large.

"We understand that communicating through social media is all about establishing interactive dialogue with our followers, not just pushing out our message," said Erin Jones, who is managing the social media program for the more than $780 million corporation. "With such a diverse audience for our products, it can be quite a challenge connecting with all of those communities."

IPG, also known as Intertape Polymer Group, is a company whose tapes, films, and protective packaging systems are used by customers as different as industrial manufacturing plant managers and Do-It-Yourself crafters. The industries it serves range from retail, building and construction, food processing, and automotive aftermarket to medical/pharmaceutical and aerospace.

IPG's social media platform has grown and prospered as a result of the company's efforts. By second quarter 2012, fans on Facebook increased nearly seven fold, followers on Twitter have doubled, and more than 700 people now follow the company on LinkedIn. The IPG YouTube channel has logged thousands of views so far.

Jones pointed to a number of initiatives the company has undertaken to explain the growth. "For Facebook [], we try to offer incentives to our fans to recruit their friends and colleagues. For example, we might offer a reward if a person can get five friends to like us," she said.

IPG's Twitter [] followers have increased partly because the company changed the nature of its tweets to better fit the style of the Twitter community. "We changed our Twitter language to make it more suited to dialogue among people," she said.

The company found that with the use of the right hash tags to indicate the subject matter of a tweet, it could link like communities. "For example, we're finding that some of the major publications in the industrial packaging industry follow us, as do distributors and vendors who are directly involved in packaging. With just the use of a hash tag such as '#packaging,' these people have created a virtual club of professionals who now have a forum to interact and share best practices," Jones explained. "The same applies to our customers in the consumer and DIY communities. They are very vocal about how they use our products and like to share ideas."

IPG has been hard at work producing new videos for its YouTube channel []. Again, the diversity of the products it manufactures and the markets it serves has challenged IPG to produce many new and relevant videos. Lately, the company has posted videos from conventions where it has been exhibiting, videos showing new production equipment, and how-to videos for professional painters and DIYers, among others.

On the LinkedIn front [], the growth in followers has simply been organic, according to Jones. "We haven't done much to promote our company site, but the numbers have grown nonetheless," she said.

Across all platforms, the goal is to create a synergy across all platforms that will grow and improve in the future, she said.

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