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April 16, 2009 05:27 ET

Tarmin Technologies Announces GridBank 1.5

Delivers Enhanced Data Management, Cost Optimization, Data Security, and E-Discovery for Microsoft® SharePoint Environments

ONGAR, UNITED KINGDOM and PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - April 16, 2009) - Tarmin Technologies, a leading provider of active archive, object-based storage, information lifecycle management (ILM), and storage software optimized for secondary tiered deployments, today announced GridBank™ 1.5. Designed to substantially lower an organization's storage and data management Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), GridBank 1.5 boasts a number of significant new features. Among these are: support for Microsoft® SharePoint®, 64-bit editions of GridBank for Linux and Windows® Server 2008, e-discovery and search for storage resources outside of the GridBank environment, a web-based management console, and much more.

"GridBank 1.5's innovative design will completely alter the management paradigm for SharePoint," said Arun Taneja, founder and consulting analyst, Taneja Group. "Leveraging its robust encryption, enterprise-strength secure user access control, seamless SharePoint integration, and strong administrative capabilities, GridBank will ensure complete data security and data integrity for SharePoint deployments, while substantially lowering the costs of SharePoint. GridBank 1.5 extends Tarmin's industry leading position in the active archiving market with a solution that provides easy, online access to any kind of unstructured data."

GridBank 1.5 Overview

GridBank 1.5 brings enhanced high-performance and high-availability at reduced TCO by automating storage and data management via a policy-based framework, providing effective long-term, fixed-content data preservation on considerably lower-cost secondary storage. GridBank 1.5 cuts CAPEX and OPEX by using cost-effective heterogeneous, industry-standard server and storage platforms to form a grid-based active archive for SharePoint and file-based environments that is scalable to petabytes (PB) of capacity (1PB is the equivalent of 20 million four-drawer filing cabinets full of text) and billions of files. GridBank 1.5 also helps meet regulatory and compliance needs; accelerates e-discovery, content search, and retrieval; and delivers transparent, secure access to SharePoint and file-based data.

"Following on the early success of GridBank's initial release, we are delivering a number of strong enhancements in version 1.5," said Shahbaz Ali, founder and CEO of Tarmin. "With GridBank 1.5, customers will have easy and secure access to vast file-based and SharePoint information stores; powerful e-discovery, search, and data retrieval; and the extensive scalability needed for today's incredibly rapid data growth. GridBank 1.5 delivers a solution that substantially improves data and storage management, lowers storage costs, and minimizes compliance and regulatory risks."

New features in GridBank 1.5 include:

--  Seamless integration with SharePoint, supporting both Microsoft
    Office Share Point Server (MOSS) 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services (WSS)
--  Policy management automation with extensive templating for more
    comprehensive SharePoint and file-based data policy-based management and
    storage. Templates speed GridBank deployment; administrators can also
    create custom templates for when new server resources are brought on-line.
--  Support for over 500 file formats, substantially broadening GridBank
    index, search, and e-discovery.
--  64-bit versions of GridBank compatible with Linux and Windows Server
--  Web-based management console to deliver enhanced access and
    flexibility to GridBank's extensive management features.
--  E-discovery, content indexing, and search for storage resources not
    migrated/archived into the GridBank infrastructure.
--  Support for the Representational State Transfer (REST) industry-
    standard protocol to allow other applications to communicate with GridBank.
    GridBank also support for NFS, CIFS, HTTP, WebDAV, FTP and a number of
    other industry-standard protocols.
--  Data classification reporting for storage resources not
    migrated/archived into the GridBank infrastructure. Included in the
    reporting capabilities of GridBank 1.5 are file type, usage analysis,
    capacity consumption, file aging, and a number of other important

"GridBank 1.5 adds several important features to its already robust set of capabilities, particularly comprehensive SharePoint support," said Adam Dobson, Sales Director Orien5, a Tarmin authorized channel partner. "With GridBank's all-encompassing solution for active archival, CAS, and ILM, the need to install several different products is eliminated. We are extremely pleased with GridBank's ability to deliver our customers such a complete active archiving solution, while significantly reducing our customers' storage CAPEX and OPEX."

GridBank 1.5 SharePoint Optimization

GridBank 1.5 provides seamless, business-rule driven, item-level to global-level archiving for SharePoint with integrated full content index and search. With SharePoint data volumes increasing exponentially, companies can quickly run out of valuable SQL server space. But, by automatically archiving SharePoint data to GridBank, IT can delay the deployment of additional SQL servers, realizing significant savings in license fees and in capacity acquisition (by migrating data to more affordable secondary storage), and reducing the storage footprint of the SharePoint datasets through single instancing, compression, and thin provisioning. GridBank can archive individual SharePoint servers or a company's entire SharePoint infrastructure, without limiting the end-users' ability to use SharePoint.

Specifically designed to ensure the compliant retention of all SharePoint records, GridBank 1.5 helps organizations conform to legal, compliance, and regulatory requirements. GridBank assists in automatically enforcing and monitoring corporate policies and procedures related to appropriate usage, governance, and privacy of data, by allowing easy discovery and review of the company's SharePoint sites.

By automatically archiving and tracking SharePoint datasets, GridBank 1.5 ensures information is captured, and all archives are kept current. Through the preservation of document metadata -- such as author, timestamp, and version history -- all content adheres to stringent compliance regulations. Additionally, GridBank combines ID-centric security with Active Directory integration and data encryption to ensure data is accessed only by users with appropriate security.

GridBank 1.5 allows for policies to be templated so that SharePoint servers and file servers in a department can have the same policies assigned, while another department can have different policies for their SharePoint and file servers. The flexibility in GridBank's policy engine allows for either global or very granular policy setting across the company's SharePoint and file server deployments, giving administrators ultimate flexibility to set policies as each individual or set of resources, requires. In addition, other functions such as search and e-discovery, single instancing, or encryption can be applied across a single server or groups of SharePoint or file servers.

The key business benefits GridBank delivers to SharePoint environments include:

--  Dramatic lowering of SharePoint costs through automated migration to
    affordable secondary storage, policy-driven management, storage footprint
    reduction, and maximization of primary storage capacity, and reduction of
    storage placed into SQL.
--  Greener SharePoint environment with reduced power and cooling costs
    by shrinking the required storage capacity.
--  Enhanced e-discovery, search, and retrieval to maximize end user
    productivity, cut e-discovery expenses, and simplify recovery of data.
--  Easier regulatory compliance: GridBank 1.5 allows IT administrators
    to leverage advanced search capabilities and deliver data retention,
    permanence and disposition, as well as the auditing necessary to reduce
    legal exposure and manage records without limiting SharePoint
--  Increased security for SharePoint data: GridBank supports integration
    with Active Directory, data encryption, multiple administrative levels, and
    the ability to assign additional permissions to users and groups going well
    beyond the security mechanisms native to SharePoint.
--  Improvement in SharePoint performance: by migrating data to GridBank,
    SharePoint users will much less frequently hit their quota limitation,
    storage performance is optimized, and SharePoint backup windows are
--  Consistent management across all SharePoint deployments:  GridBank
    allows the consolidation of multiple SharePoint sites into a single virtual
    storage pool, the assignment of consistent policies from SharePoint server
    to SharePoint server, and transparent access to SharePoint.
--  Seamless integration with SharePoint environments: SharePoint data
    archived to GridBank can be easily accessed as if it was still on the
    original SharePoint server, while GridBank's SharePoint integration
    delivers instant in-line archiving, advanced search and e-discovery
    capabilities, one-click retrieval, and requires no additional training to
    use GridBank in SharePoint environments.

"Our end users are looking to more effectively manage the exploding data in their file-based and SharePoint deployments," said Jeanne Wilson, president, Condor Storage, Inc., a Tarmin authorized channel partner. "GridBank 1.5 delivers our customers the most comprehensive active archiving solution in the market today and is ideal for both large enterprise and smaller companies alike. With GridBank 1.5, our customers will substantially reduce their SharePoint storage demands, have easy-to-use archiving, deploy strong e-discovery capabilities, benefit from automated policy management, and maintain seamless SharePoint integration."


GridBank 1.5 will be generally available in early Q3 of 2009 from Tarmin and its network of value added channel partners.


Tarmin™ Technologies is a leading provider of active archival and next-generation intelligent storage solutions optimized for secondary storage environments. Tarmin's GridBank™ platform solves archiving problems across all business functions. Deployed as a heterogeneous grid of clustered servers, GridBank delivers maximum data reliability and substantially lowers storage and IT CAPEX and OPEX. A high-performance, high-availability, highly scalable, and active archiving solution, GridBank satisfies any organization's regulatory, governance, and compliance requirements by ensuring secure, long-term data retention, and fast search and retrieval of valuable business records. GridBank's policy-driven software completely automates all processes, while empowering staff to securely share, search and publish their archived data, while delivering a "Green" friendly storage solution. Tarmin is headquartered in Ongar, United Kingdom, with North American offices in Palo Alto, California. For more information, please visit or e-mail us at

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