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August 25, 2011 09:00 ET

The TAS Group Announces Value Engagement Series Intelligent Software Solution for Automated Sales Skills

Value Engagement Series Uses Dealmaker's Smart Reasoning to Guide Sellers to Deliver Maximum Value

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - Aug 25, 2011) - The TAS Group (, the world leader in intelligent sales performance automation, today announced the launch of its Value Engagement Series (VES) (, an automated sales skills program for sales professionals.

The VES is the latest offering from The TAS Group -- whose unique value to sales organizations is the result of combining two disciplines; intelligent software applications and deep sales methodology expertise. Sales professionals who are proficient in the VES programs have more effective customer interactions and generate more sales. Guided by the automated smart reasoning and collaboration tools in Dealmaker®, sellers gain access to influencers more quickly, improve their understanding of the customer's business problem, and build credibility with the customer.

"Engage, Discover, Access and Influence are the four tenets of effective sales execution. But understanding the context of the engagement is essential to maximize mutual value. The smart reasoning and intelligence in Dealmaker is what our customers tell us is the core ingredient to their success using VES," said Donal Daly, CEO of The TAS Group. "The results that Aberdeen ( measured independently -- 21 percent greater quota attainment -- are very gratifying, and give us the confidence to continue to invest in innovation to lead the sales effectiveness market. VES uses the embedded intelligence, born out of that innovation, to help sales people to help their customer to buy from them."

VES is an intelligent and automated skills blueprint to help sellers engage with customers to discover what they really want, access and influence the buyers who really matter, and to present their preferred solution, aligned with the customer's unique value. VES knowledge is embedded in Dealmaker and integrated with the company's CRM so that sellers can benefit from the intelligent contextual application of the knowledge as they work their sales opportunities. VES skills are delivered using a blended learning approach -- through a combination of eLearning, web sessions and workshops, and in conjunction with Dealmaker, to provide for sustained application and continued learning.

The VES results from The TAS Group's acquisition of InfoMentis. It combines the InfoMentis intellectual property that has been delivered to 50,000 sales professionals in 67 countries with The TAS Group's Value Driven Selling methodology. Incorporated in the intelligent Dealmaker application, it creates a superior sustainable solution for our customers. The proven effectiveness of the VES content has delivered the following benefits to customers:

1. 60 percent win rate on coached deals
2. Increase in sales win rate from 24 percent to 48 percent in one quarter
3. 95 percent sales forecast accuracy in the first quarter
4. 45 percent increase in overall sales revenue
5. 40 percent increase in sales quota attainment
6. Elevated customer satisfaction and relationships
7. Decrease sales on-boarding time by three months

The VES comprises two programs. Engage to Discover and Access equips organizations to understand the customer situation through the eye of the buyer -- allowing sellers to understand and map customer problems and their related business impact and to connect potential solutions to the various needs they have uncovered. It enables them to effectively navigate to and interact with the key executives and stakeholders in the customer organization and establish a plan for working together collaboratively. Engage to Deliver Value focuses on the skills and techniques to provide the seller's solution and value proof points in a concise and compelling way, reinforcing the seller's competitive position and fulfilling their competitive strategy.

VES in Dealmaker is available today, and can be integrated with, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle CRM on Demand, Oracle's Siebel and SAP CRM, and, through the Dealmaker API, with any third party software application.

About The TAS Group

We help our customers to sell smarter and manage better. According to the Aberdeen Group, customers of The TAS Group ( realize 21 percent greater quota attainment -- we think that this is pretty good! Our unique value is the result of combining two disciplines; (1) intelligent software applications, and (2) deep sales methodologies. Innovation is at the core of our efforts and the Dealmaker® intelligent software application is the engine driving revenue growth for our customers.

In concert with our customers, and augmented by the vision of our leadership, our Customer Success Charter ensures that we deliver superior and sustained customer value. We have helped more than 850,000 sales professionals in more than 65 countries; from small private companies to market leaders like Xerox, Kodak and Alcatel Lucent.

Delivering sustained customer value is our passion. Our approach is different -- and not for everyone. We believe traditional approaches to sales training are fundamentally flawed and, on their own; do not deliver sustained customer value.

One last point to consider -- we are the only company in our market with our own methodology and technology R&D center. Our R&D center is in Dublin, Ireland where we invest millions of dollars annually in continuous customer-focused innovation (and a few radical ideas). The company's HQ is in Seattle, and we have a large presence in Atlanta, as well as satellite offices around North America. Internationally, our major offices are in Reading, England and Dublin, Ireland, though we have a presence in most major economies around the world.

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