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March 08, 2010 09:30 ET

The TAS Group Releases Dealmaker® Genius, Free Product Enabling Sales Professionals to Create a Customized Sales Process in Minutes, Saving Thousands of Dollars and Weeks of Effort

Dealmaker Genius Utilizes Knowledge Base, Domain Expertise and Crowdsourcing to Build the First Free, Global, Intelligent, Online Sales Process Resource

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - March 8, 2010) -  Today, at The Sales 2.0 Conference (, the TAS Group (, the world leader in sales performance automation, announced Dealmaker® Genius, a free Sales 2.0 application that automatically generates a unique, fully developed sales process for any business. By answering a few simple questions, anyone can get a customized sales process built on decades of sales knowledge from The TAS Group. Dealmaker Genius uses over 20,000 core knowledge elements and more than one million possible combinations to help companies create the ideal sales process for a given product, service, and industry, in less than 15 minutes -- for free. Dealmaker Genius is available immediately to users worldwide at

Third party research and The TAS Group's empirical data consistently show that companies who use a quality sales process perform at a higher level. To inform its sales process algorithms, the Dealmaker Genius knowledge base combines 20 years' sales process experience with aggregated usage and success patterns observed through over two million sales cycles processed through the Dealmaker Sales Performance Automation platform. This allows users to get a top-notch sales process without the significant investment usually required in time and money. Users can modify the output from Dealmaker Genius, or simply use its recommendations -- and then share the output with colleagues. 

"Better than sliced bread"
"For the experienced sales leader, this is better than sliced bread," said Dave Stein, CEO and founder of ES Research Group. "Rather than spending time and money on tips and tricks with little sustained impact, being able to create a customized sales process for their own business can set them on the path to lasting, measurable sales performance improvement."

To improve sustained revenue performance and increased accuracy in sales forecasting, sales processes created through Dealmaker Genius can be easily incorporated in the Dealmaker Sales Performance Automation platform and made available online for all the sales team.

"Our focus is to help sales professionals succeed, and Dealmaker Genius removes one of the critical barriers by enabling anyone, anywhere, to create a high-quality sales process for their business and elevate their performance," said Donal Daly, chief executive officer of The TAS Group. "Through over two million sales cycles, we've seen successful patterns emerge, and that continuously informs our insight. We believe Dealmaker Genius will add considerable value to our customers and sales professional everywhere, and will help raise standards in the sales effectiveness market."

Today, Dealmaker Genius provides industry specific sales processes for the following industries:

  • High Technology
  • Energy & Power
  • Financial Services
  • Professional Services
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Materials, and
  • Telecommunications

To further extend the knowledge of Dealmaker Genius, expert users can submit specialized sales processes for specific industry or market niches. Leveraging the 'Wisdom of the Crowd' Dealmaker Genius' knowledge base will be continuously improved by the community.

For existing or future customers of The TAS Group's Dealmaker Sales Performance Automation platform, sales processes created through Dealmaker Genius can be incorporated for immediate use by sales teams. This considerably shortens the time to revenue benefit, and the ability to measure sales performance improvement. For further information, please visit

About Dealmaker
With its unique combination of sales methodology and process, the Dealmaker on-demand Sales Performance Automation platform can operate in a standalone mode or can be integrated with popular CRM systems from, Oracle and Microsoft. Dealmaker augments these systems by providing a salesperson-centric set of capabilities that help significantly boost sales performance, including an average 89% improvement in quota achievement. Dealmaker also offers sophisticated, objective measurement and reporting on that performance that enhances what CRM systems provide and dramatically improves sales forecast accuracy.

About The TAS Group
The TAS Group provides sales performance automation to companies that want to achieve sustained, predictable and profitable revenue growth. It exists to guide and motivate global sales teams to win profitable business faster from target customers through a combination of methodology, process and technology. The TAS Group has helped over 650,000 sales professionals succeed and has global presence serving organizations in all major global economies with native language speaking, culturally attuned sales effectiveness experts, and solutions available in up to 14 languages. The TAS Group delivers proven sales methodology and process with its Dealmaker on-demand sales performance automation platform, which integrates with popular CRM products from, Oracle, and Microsoft. The TAS Group hosts and moderates the Sales 2.0 Network (S20N,, a global, virtual thought leadership forum to discuss issues relevant to sales professionals in a Web 2.0 world. The only sales effectiveness organization with continuous multi-million dollar investment in its own methodology and technology R&D center, The TAS Group is headquartered in Seattle, with international headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, and Reading, England.

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