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March 05, 2013 09:00 ET

Taskbox Launches to Redefine Email as Social Tasks

Secures $600K Angel Round of Funding; Set to Lead New Paradigm of Social Task Management

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - Mar 5, 2013) -  Taskbox, Inc., the company behind the popular Taskbox - Mail iPhone app, today announced the public launch of the 2.0 version of its social task management app for email and an initial $600K round of seed funding.

The Taskbox advanced mobile email client fills a necessary gap with its easy to use productivity and organization features. For the first time ever, users can empty their inboxes on the go while also creating a prioritized list of important items that require additional follow up. With simple gestures, users can send instant replies, distinguish between important and unimportant messages, and move messages to priority-based follow-up lists.

The $600K seed round of financing was led by the Central Texas Angel Network. Taskbox will utilize the funding for several facets of growth including further technology enhancements, staffing and marketing.

"Taskbox is transforming the process of reading, prioritizing and following up on emails and action items," said Andrew Eye, CEO of Taskbox. "Taskbox isn't only for casual use. Our customers have been asking us for features that would allow them to organize both their personal and professional lives in one tool." 

Co-founder and CTO Adam Cianfichi added: "We've incorporated enterprise-class privacy, security and infinite scalability with a gesture-based interface for clearing out your inbox. We don't put any proprietary servers between your smartphone and your email, enabling us to maintain the same 99.99 percent uptime as Gmail and other mail providers. As our email inboxes grow more cluttered than ever, Taskbox is the right solution -- at work and at home."

Social Task Management for Email

Most workers spend 28 percent of their workweeks processing emails[1], the equivalent of 650 hours per year. Yet existing systems for managing email haven't truly evolved during the past decade. Task management is traditionally limited to workflows outside of email, such as calendars and to-do lists, despite the fact that email remains the largest source of tasks. Usage patterns for traditional social business apps that aim to replace email show that most people stop interacting with these apps after 1-3 months. People then return to their email inboxes, which were devoid of real task management capabilities -- until now.

"With Taskbox, users can experience the best aspects of task management without ever leaving their inboxes," said Rick Timmins of the Central Texas Angel Network. "Taskbox is not only making it faster to manage email workflows, but its bringing transparency and accountability back to the email process. People can finally close the loop on every outstanding message. If that isn't providing value in today's world, I don't know what is."

Cutting Email Time Commitment in Half

With Taskbox one can clear their inbox in half the time by allowing users to:

  • Swipe unimportant messages, spam, and trash out of the inbox;
  • Gather important messages requiring additional follow up into a single list;
  • Sort open items by due date or priority;
  • Delegate and track action items assigned to other team members;
  • Send one click Quick Response messages that indicate absence, acknowledgement or immediate action;
  • Manage all emails in a single, intuitive dashboard.

To learn more about Taskbox, please visit Taskbox is available for Gmail and Google Apps on Apple iOS/iPhone for $2.99 in the App Store.

About Taskbox

Taskbox, the social task management company, turns your email inbox into a task list. Using simple gestures, you can clear your inbox and update your tasks in 60 seconds. By transforming your inbox into an accountable, responsive and delegated workflow, Taskbox will shave hours from your email -- and add years to your life. To learn more about Taskbox, visit


[1] Washington Post, "How Much Time You Really Spend Emailing at Work," 31 July 2012.